BMC Helix Innovation Studio, Soccer, and Bragging Rights

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Jason Meserve

People around the world are celebrating Argentina’s incredible, nail-biting, penalty-kick win—and that includes some truly dedicated fans here at BMC.

And what do enterprising fans do where when there’s a global soccer (futbol) event with national pride on the line? Put a for-entertainment-purposes-only pool together, of course. For a pair of BMCers, that meant quickly creating a site for their fellow Latin American colleagues using the BMC Helix Innovation Studio.

The site allows users to pick each match per round and assigns points for each correct guess. BMC Helix reporting capabilities let players see rankings by individual, country, and department. Bragging rights on multiple levels.


Low-code/no-code capabilities simplify the process of building a business or technical application.

BMC Helix Innovation Studio is a visual drag-and-drop environment for creating applications on top of the BMC Helix Platform. In this unique case, the application was built after hours in the employees’ spare time over the course of two months. While built for fun, the soccer app also served as a demonstration of the power and flexibility of the BMC Helix platform for employees.

Easily Create Lines-of-Business Applications

Naturally, BMC Helix Innovation Studio is designed for creating business-supporting applications.

At a recent BMC customer event, one of the attendees demonstrated an application their team built using Innovation Studio that manages the company’s marketing development funds (MDF) program. MDF money is given to partners to conduct joint marketing efforts. In larger enterprises, this can run in the tens of millions of dollars. And if you’ve ever had to deal with one, you know what a headache that can be.

After realizing that the accounting for funds was a bit loose, the customer contracted for a commercial application to support the effort. But lengthy delays and challenges cropped up. In the background, the customer and his small team built its own MDF management application using Innovation Studio. The low-code/no-code capabilities provided the flexibility and ease of use for non-developers to create a business application that solved a pressing problem. Once the higher ups saw it, the commercial project was discontinued and the in-house tool running on BMC Helix was adopted.

BMC Uses Innovation Studio, Too

One should drink their own champagne, no? We’re using Innovation Studio ourselves to extend the functionality of BMC Helix Service Management to various lines of business, including:

  • HR Service Management: Empower employees with all the information they need, when they need it, to be highly self-sufficient and productive while optimizing HR operations, driving resolutions to Tier 0, assisting with accurate escalations, and freeing up valuable COE resources.
  • Customer Service Management: Provides a 360-degree view of the customer by aggregating data from all customer touchpoints into a single source of truth; brings together sales, marketing, and other teams to collaborate with customer care teams; and allows customers to interact through their channel of choice: self-service, chat, email, phone, and social media.

We continue to work with customers and partners to develop more lines-of-business functionality using BMC Helix Innovation Studio. As our Latin American colleagues have shown, the possibilities are endless.

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