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4 Reasons to Consider Switching to a Modern Service Desk

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When software companies merge, like other businesses, it can create opportunities as well as uncertainties for customers. The ITSM space is really crowded with many vendors promising to deliver a great service desk experience. But not all vendors are the same. Leading IT organizations are seeking vendors committed to delivering excellence in service management.

When mergers occur, this can cause uncertainty around how committed vendors will be to delivering great experiences. There are many examples of mergers today, and each is subject to conditions, clearances, and other issues. As with any merger, there will be concerns about how this change might impact the commitment to a product, the company’s focus on innovation, and support. Many organizations that are impacted by a merger re-evaluate their service desk solutions to define the best path forward and ensure maximum value to meet their business demands.

Think about what you’ll need today and into the future. You just might discover that the time is right to consider a switch to BMC’s Remedy solution. Here are some important questions to ponder:

  1. Your existing service desk doesn’t have all of the capabilities you need – shouldn’t your organization partner with a recognized leader in ITSM?

    When you’re looking for comprehensive tools, you need the best solutions to deliver service with confidence and peace of mind. In the Gartner Critical Capabilities for IT Service Support Management report 1, the Remedy IT Service Management Suite solution received the highest score out of the 12 leading vendors for the following use cases:

    • Intermediate Maturity I & O
    • High-Maturity I & O
    • Basic Digital Workplace ITSSM
    • Advanced Digital Workplace ITSSM

    In Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for IT Service Support Management Tools 2 report, 10 vendors were also evaluated. In their report, BMC was rated as a leader for the third year in a row.

  1. Would you feel more confident with a vendor that has demonstrated a strong commitment to IT Service Management?

    At BMC, we’re focused on going beyond the traditional service desk and taking a new approach to empower IT to deliver an amazing, intuitive experience with high levels of automation. We call this Service Management Excellence. Our solutions enable the entire organization – not just IT – to be more productive. BMC’s Service Management Excellence initiative is focused on providing service modernization, awareness, and operations.

    • Service desk modernization incorporates a contemporary cloud ITSM platform that provides a great user experience. When employees request a service, the tools they use are customized based on their roles in the organization. Plus, they can access these resources from any device with social collaboration tools for greater productivity.
    • Service awareness automatically discovers all of your data center hardware, software, and services as well as the relationships between those assets; and builds service models to bring your ITSM solution alive.
    • Service Operations automates complex operational tasks and processes. For example, this reduces manual interactions, improves responses for common provisioning, and provides faster responses to vulnerabilities to protect your enterprise.
  1. Is your current service desk going to meet the demands of digital business?

    Greater pressure is being put on the service desk to be the backbone of digital transformation, delivering more value, more efficiently, securely, and intuitively than ever before. BMC’s wide range of ITSM products provide self-service and other capabilities to meet these requirements while reducing costs. This includes enterprise-scale security and compliance, improved business agility, smart reporting, change management, and much more. For example, we offer an intuitive way for anyone in your organization to enter tickets. They can free-type text and use symbols and tags. This capability improves the experience on both sides of the service desk, while increasing agent productivity so they can resolve incidents 75% faster.
  1. Does anyone really provide a streamlined process to migrate to a new service desk?

    You don’t have to do the migration to BMC’s Remedy service desk alone. BMC and its partners are experienced in service desk migration and can help organizations transition from their old service desk to Remedy. No matter the complexity and customization, BMC’s fast-track process will help your company and customers quickly experience the benefits of service management excellence.
    Why wait to upgrade your service desk? Experience the modern service desk today.  Take a trial of the Remedy 9 solution and read this page to learn about all of the exciting capabilities available to deliver exceptional service to your end users.

1 Critical Capabilities for IT Service Support Management Tools, Published: 24 August 2016 ID: G00291750 Analyst(s) Chris Matchett, Katherine Lord.

2 Magic Quadrant for IT Service Support Management Tools, Published: 24 August 2016 ID: G00291752 Analyst(s): Chris Matchett, Katherine Lord, Rich Doheny.

Access the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for ITSM

The Gartner Magic Quadrant for ITSM is the gold-standard resource helping you understand the strengths of major ITSM software vendors, insights into platform capabilities, integration opportunities, and many other factors to determine which solution best fits your needs.

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