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Virtualization Management

Leverage your experts

Don’t leave your automation project to chance – build a center of excellence to improve the efficiency and business relevance of your data center.

Get the most out of virtualization

Ensure effective management of your virtualized environment by following these three rules for making virtualization worth the investment.

Avoid adding another silo to your IT environment


Discover and Maintain

Expand virtualization into more of your production. Know exactly what you have today and keep track of it once virtualized.

Provision and configure

BMC BladeLogic Automation Suite

Enable fast, controlled provisioning for simple and complex services. Keep deployed services patched and compliant.

Release applications

Application Release Automation

Get the most out of virtualization by delivering applications reliably, quickly, and less expensively than before.

Get ahead of issues

Service Availability and Performance Management

Don’t wait for users to alert you to availability and performance issues. Eliminate issues before users complain.

Optimize capacity

BMC Capacity Optimization

Make smarter, more cost-effective capacity decisions to meet business goals.

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