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BMC Digital Enterprise Management is a set of innovative IT solutions designed to make digital business fast, seamless, and optimized from mainframe to mobile to cloud and beyond.

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A digital enterprise is a more successful enterprise. Companies that are more digitally advanced perform significantly better financially than companies that are less digitally mature.

increase in profitability
increase in valuation
increase in revenue to asset ratio
Source: Capgemini and MIT, November 2012
Unleash growth in the new economy
Unleash exponential growth in the new economy

A new report from BMC and think tank PSFK provides key insight and actions for organizations as they embark on digital transformation

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Key elements of Digital Enterprise Management

Digital Service Management  ›

BMC Digital Service Management is IT service management transformed for the digital era. Our suite of Digital Service Management solutions enables improved employee productivity, efficiency, and innovation with human-centric technologies that are mobile, self-service, and intuitive.

Digital Infrastructure Optimization  ›

BMC Digital Infrastructure Optimization solutions help IT build and maintain a leaner, more cost-effective digital infrastructure with dynamic capacity management for improved ROI and reduced business risk.

Digital Enterprise Automation ›

BMC Digital Enterprise Automation solutions enable the accelerated delivery of digital services at scale while improving quality, control, and compliance. Our comprehensive platform orchestrates and automates the full digital infrastructure.

Digital Service Assurance ›

BMC Digital Service Assurance solutions combine data collection and predictive analytics to give IT a comprehensive view of service quality and performance, to ensure reliable delivery of critical business services.

Analytics, Orchestration, and Policy — a shared foundation

BMC provides a common foundation for configuration data, automation, orchestration, analytics, and policy, enabling businesses to share a single, real-time view of their infrastructure across teams and processes. Businesses can automate complex tasks that span multiple systems and can uncover relationships and patterns between IT operations disciplines, helping drive continual improvement.

Key Digital Enterprise Management Solutions

As you architect your digital future, you need to ensure the performance, integrity, efficiency, and agility of your digital services are world-class. At the same time, you want to provide a people-centric way to request, consume, and support the digital services you deliver. Explore the ways in which BMC solutions can help you meet the challenge.

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