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In the Autonomous Digital Enterprise, Automation Everywhere embraces technology that works with humans, not in place of them, to improve performance, efficiency, and innovation. By applying intelligent automation across data, workflows, applications, and systems, you can execute with speed and accuracy, optimize costs, and securely scale operations.

What Is an Autonomous Digital Enterprise?

The Autonomous Digital Enterprise is a forward-looking view of the future state of business, one in which agile, customer-centric, insight-driven companies evolve their operations to survive and thrive in the midst of persistent disruption. Automation Everywhere is one of five technology-enabled tenets that galvanize and sustain the Autonomous Digital Enterprise.

Autonomous Digital Enterprise
Current Business Challenges

Current Business Challenges

In a recent BMC and Pure B2B survey of IT leaders, 54 percent of respondents cited operational inefficiencies as the catalyst for adopting automation technologies. Challenges driving the need for automation also include:

  • Multi-party enterprise environments that lack governance and regulatory compliance
  • A lack of IT workflow integration and coordination across mainframe, on-premises, and private/public clouds
  • Poor decisions from misaligned, inaccurate, or incomplete data
  • Disjointed, manual, inaccurate, and slow processes and communication channels
  • Siloed IT processes and technologies that don’t correlate and contextualize related information
  • Fragmented IT capacity and cost planning and management

How Technology Helps

Automation Everywhere uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to enable data-driven business decisions, enhance quality, reduce unnecessary manual labor, empower employees, and optimize IT resources. Automation working together with employee expertise combines to:

  • Provide AI-powered observability, analytics, and visualization across applications and infrastructure
  • Create, discover, and automate business workflows
  • Streamline machine-to-machine and data management processes
  • Offer preemptive and reactive remediation capabilities
  • Accelerate application delivery, deployment, and configuration management
  • Lower operational costs, boost performance, and enable innovation initiatives
How Technology Helps
Automation Everywhere

Solving Business Challenges

We’ve identified select business use cases where Automation Everywhere can solve for these challenges. Download our e-book to learn more.

Sneak peek: It Can't Be Done: A Story of 15 Years of Automation in Telstra.

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