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IT operations management (ITOM) is the process of managing the provisioning, capacity, cost, performance, security, and availability of infrastructure and services including data centers, private cloud deployments, and public cloud resources.

Predictive IT with AIOps

BMC Helix Operations Management with AIOps provides intelligent event management and performance monitoring to proactively identify and help quickly resolve issues for faster MTTR and improved SLAs.

  • Advanced analytics help detect trends, patterns, and anomalies
  • Multivariate analysis provides predictive alerting of major incidents before they happen
  • Service behavior analysis of correlated metrics detects anomalies sooner
  • Cross-functional data is easily consumed through out-of-the-box or custom dashboards
BMC Helix Monitor
BMC Helix Optimize Business Services Overview

Optimize cost and capacity with continuous insight and automated actions

Digital business requires IT to be nimble and accurate when tuning the dynamic IT infrastructure. ITOM empowers the continuous alignment of services to:

  • Understand utilization at the resource, application, and business service level
  • Eliminate over-provisioning and under-provisioning, and their associated costs
  • Align resource forecasting with business demand
  • Automatically right-size resources to balance cost and performance requirements

Performance monitoring and event management

Use machine learning to identify, analyze, and resolve application and infrastructure problems. IT operations teams can understand application performance and simulate user experience to:

  • Pinpoint the source of the problem, from infrastructure to code to resource availability
  • Understand the broader service impact of an application performance issue
  • Proactively communicate with IT services, application owners, and development teams
Truesight Application Monitoring
BMC Helix Remediate

Automated security vulnerability management

Deploy BMC Helix Remediate in the cloud of your choice to strengthen security, improve productivity, and lower costs.

  • Import and analyze data from vulnerability scanners, map vulnerabilities to assets and patches, prioritize and automate corrective action
  • Apply simplified patching for rapid remediation
  • Automate configuration testing and remediation for resources on AWS, Azure, and GCP
  • Provides container configuration security for Docker and Kubernetes

Ensure the availability of critical web services with NEW Synthetic Monitoring

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