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Control-M Workload Automation


Workload Automation

Old school workload automation focused on automating job scheduling. There is a lot more to workload automation—building workflows, testing, scheduling, monitoring, and delivering services on time. It all needs to be automated.

What’s new in BMC Control-M V8?

The latest version of Control-M, quite simply, offers more: More power. More collaboration. More performance. Easily manage all your scheduling and monitoring tasks from one new streamlined, intuitive interface. Work with colleagues to define workflow through virtual workspaces. Upgrade agents without any downtime. It all boils down to increased efficiency that lets you run more jobs in less time — no matter how complex your business processes.

Simple job scheduling from one point of control

Workload automation doesn't get much simpler than this. BMC Control-M V8's redesigned interface is more intuitive and easier to use. You'll be able to schedule and manage everything — down to the very last platform and application — from a single point of control.


Our new interface also makes it easier to manage complex, time-sensitive projects. Virtual workspaces allow you to collaborate with colleagues regardless of location or time zone. And, because data is stored in a common repository, you can create and change workload elements without worrying about synchronization issues.

The power to manage—and support—all your systems

Sure, we may have simplified our interface—but that doesn't mean we've sacrificed power. In fact, BMC Control-M V8 is our most powerful version yet.

Automate secure file transfers across your entire enterprise with more efficiency and at a lower cost than most standalone apps. Meet audit requirements at a moment's notice with built-in change management that records every change you make. And prioritize workloads based on business needs with dynamic workload management.

Supports more platforms and applications than anyone else

Control-M's power is also backed by serious performance—with the ability to automate and integrate nearly every application through one point of control, across almost all platforms and business processes.



Let Users Manage Their Own Workloads - So IT Doesn't Have To

Empower Users and Free IT with Self-Service Workload Automation

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One powerful product, two great options

Take your pick. Whether you choose BMC Control-M Suite or BMC Control-M Select, you get the features that make us the industry leader in workload automation—like a simplified, intuitive interface that provides one point of control, application and business process integration, virtual workspaces, and reporting and tracking—not to mention BMC's years of expertise and experience. Tons of great features. Two convenient options. Which makes sense for your business?


What's Included


BMC Control-M Suite

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BMC Control-M Select

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Workload Change Manager

automates building and changing batch jobs and workflows

Optional add-on Optional add-on

Control-M Workload Change Manager automates and simplifies batch workflow changes, accelerating the delivery of business services and reducing cost.

Self Service

enables business users to request and manage workload services through a simple, role-based interface.

checkmark Optional add-on

Self Service is BMC Control-M's scheduling self-management component. Using a Web browser-based service view that speaks your business users' language, Self Service allows you to:

  • Reduce cost and complexity by eliminating the need for business users to submit service request tickets, as well as the work associated with those tickets.
  • Improve customer service by providing business users with the information they need, such as processing status of transactions, and the ability to request scheduling changes.
  • Retain control and compliance by ensuring that changes are documented and logged, and configure changes to require approval by IT operations, if desired.
Batch Impact Manager

helps you manage workloads from a business perspective.

checkmark Optional add-on

Batch Impact Manager is a business management solution that improves productivity and reduces unplanned outages. It also:

  • Manages critical batch job processing from a business perspective
  • Proactively detects potential delays and errors in the batch business process to avoid interruption of business services
  • Provides advanced problem analysis tools of potential SLA delays to identify their root cause and potential resolutions 
  • Offers extensive simulation capabilities of potential problem resolutions, eliminating a trial and error process on top of the production environment, making sure the optimal actions will be taken
  • Allows you to prioritize the resolution of delayed or failed batch business processes based on their business impact
Advanced File Transfer

integrates and automates file transfers to minimize risks from failures.

checkmark Optional add-on

Advanced File Transfer enables you to schedule secured file transfers with encryption and authentication, monitor file transfer run-time statistics (such as transfer rate, estimated remaining time, and more), and recover file transfer from the point of failure.

Advanced File Transfer features:

  • Out-of-the-box unified file transfer management – Manages the file transfer process through a single graphical interface and eliminates the need for third-party interfaces
  • Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) – Provides secure and compressed transfers both inside and outside the enterprise
  • Focal point of management – Helps you manage file transfers from/to any FTP/SFTP server integrated with your business process, through a central focal point
  • Quick learning curves – Lets you define file transfer jobs quickly and smoothly, in an intuitive way
Business Process Integration (BPI)

is an automation broker that allows real-time processes to be easily integrated into your workload automation environment.

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Business process integration offers:

  • Key messaging capabilities, WebSphere and MQ Messaging
  • Bi-directional Web services capabilities
  • Java and J2EE application servers’ automation
Cross-application support

means that jobs from all of your applications can be seen and managed in one place.

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Cross-application support provides true enterprise workload automation by ensuring that all application jobs are included in the workflow of a BMC Control-M business process. Through this workflow, all users can understand where each application fits and how they work together. In addition, application schedulers use the existing applications' native look and feel when communicating with IT, which essentially eliminates the need for additional training.

BMC Control-M supports more applications than any other workload automation solution, ensuring that it works with what you have today and what you may have in the future.

Supported applications include:

  • Enterprise management consoles
    • BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management
    • HP OpenView
    • IBM Tivoli
    • IBM Netcool
    • CA Unicenter
  • ERP integration
    • SAP
    • Oracle eBusiness Suite
    • PeopleSoft 
  • File transfer
    • File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
    • SSH File Transfer (SFTP)
  • Business Intelligence and Data Integration
    • IBM Cognos
    • Informatica
    • SAP Business Objects
    • Hadoop (Big Data)
    • IBM DataStage
    • Oracle Business Intelligence
    • Microsoft SQL-Server Integration Services
    • SAP Business Warehouse
  • Relational Databases
    • Oracle
    • IBM UDB/DB2
    • MS SQL-Server
    • Sybase
    • PostgreSQL
  • Service Oriented Architecture
    • Messaging (JMS and WebSphere MQ)
    • Web services
    • Java/J2EE
  • Back-up Applications
    • IBM Tivoli Storage Manager
    • Symantec NetBackup
  • BMC Software
    • BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management
    • BMC Atrium CMDB
    • BMC Atrium Orchestrator
    • BMC Bladelogic
    • BMC Remedy
Multi-platform coverage

ensures that each piece of a business process workflow is supported, no matter what platform it runs on.

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BMC Control-M works across distributed, mainframe, virtual, and cloud environments. This wide-reaching coverage allows for integration and automation of business and IT processes across the enterprise.

Supported platforms include:

  • VMware
  • Amazon EC2
  • BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management
  • z/OS
  • AIX
  • Linux
  • iSeries/OS/400
  • VMS
  • CentOS
  • Unisys
  • Solaris
  • HP-UX
  • Windows
  • Tandem
  • MPE
  • Tru64
  • Agentless Scheduling via SSH
Enterprise Manager

lets you deploy as many development, test, and production environments as you need to support your business.

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Enterprise Manager is a graphical tool that provides a focal point of control by consolidating the management of batch job processing on all applications and platforms across the enterprise. Its interactive management-by-exception abilities extend beyond job-status monitoring, providing immediate multi-destination error notification and enhanced problem resolution capabilities that increase enterprise efficiency. This includes an option to monitor and manipulate the production environment in real time.

Benefits of Enterprise Manager include:

  • Simplified management of the entire business process via centralized production management and monitoring
  • Maximized employee productivity through standard tools for job scheduling
  • Increased business availability and shortened problem resolution cycle through advanced proactive workload management capabilities
  • Reduced cost and time required for platform-specific training by providing an enterprise-wide standard tool for workload automation
Conversion utilities

are built in, making it easy to migrate to BMC Control-M.

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BMC Control-M's wizard-based conversion utilities reduce the effort that it takes to migrate to BMC Control-M from other job scheduling solutions. It's downloadable to your desktop or laptop, fully supported, and capable of running in parallel with your existing scheduler to guarantee the uninterrupted continuation of your production environment during the test phase. Best of all, it's part of the out-of-the-box product – not an expensive add-on.

Common schedulers supported by BMC Control-M's conversion tools include:

  • CA-7
  • CA-Autosys
  • CA-Jobtrac
  • CA Unicenter WLM (TNG)
  • IBM Tivoli TWS
  • Tidal (Cisco) Enterprise Scheduler
  • Zeke

Plus, a new and improved mainframe conversion capability is embedded in BMC Control-M for z/OS. It's the latest from an R&D team dedicated to on-going improvements in the BMC Control-M conversion process for both mainframe and distributed workload automation.

Customer support

offers proactive planning and real-time answers, no matter where you're located.

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BMC Control-M customer support goes above and beyond to keep you efficient and productive. It includes:

  • Highly-experienced support staff in over 15 countries speaking 11 languages
  • A “follow the sun” approach that ensures help is available 24/7/365 
  • Utilization of leading support industry practices like “intelligent swarming” and “Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS)”
  • The AMIGO upgrade program, to reduce time and effort associated with upgrades
  • Constantly updated offerings
  • Ever-expanding online options:
    • Knowledge base for questions and known problems
    • Automated notifications about new product releases and fixpacks
    • Product Availability & Compatibility Matrix to help you validate what versions of BMC’s software will work in your environment
Multiple users

come standard, including both Web and Planning and Full Admin roles.

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As many Full Admin and Web and Planning users as you need can use BMC Control-M workload automation, making it scalable for businesses of any size. No matter how many users you need to plan, monitor, and change workloads, they’re all covered.

  • Designate as many administrative and business users as required— without licensing limitations
  • Support Full Admin users—the “power” users who require all of the extended functionality of the BMC Control-M/Enterprise Manager, BMC Control-M/Desktop, BMC Control-M/Configuration Manager, or the BMC Control-M/Reporting Facility
JCL Verify

reduces job failures on the mainframe by maintaining accurate, error-free JCL.

Optional add-on Optional add-on

BMC Control-M Workload Automation JCL Verify performs syntax validation of JCL, as well as complex logical verification, to ensure it's error-free.

Comprehensive analysis is performed before each job is submitted to make sure the JCL is operating as expected. This also lets you check the job validity and correct any problems—which virtually eliminates costly errors that can affect service delivery.

JCL Verify can validate a single member or an entire PDS. Validation includes:

  • Standard z/OS JCL syntax
  • Security/user authorization
  • JES2 and JES3 statements
  • Procedures and programs

And, it integrates fully with the BMC Control-M interface, allowing you to manage batch jobs and the JCL used to run them from a single view.

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