Control-M Workload Automation

Control-M Workload Automation

Run more jobs, faster

Automating the batch workload lifecycle is now easier and more efficient than ever before. BMC Control-M Workload Automation builds, changes, schedules, and monitors complex batch services—all from one powerful location.

  • Reduce the cost of workload automation by 25% or more.
  • Implement applications as much as 80% faster by automating the “create and change” process.
  • Improve service delivery with predictive analytics that help you address problems before they affect the business.
  • Make life easier for business users and lower service desk costs by offering a self-service view.

Video: Meet the people behind the new Control-M

Experts from BMC’s research and development team talk about creating a powerful new version of our flagship Control-M software. (4:51)

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Simple, unified batch workload management

Schedule and manage every platform and application from a single point of control.

Unified view of the enterprise

Manage all workflows—regardless of platform, database, or application—through a simple, modern interface.

Simplified change requests

Build and maintain batch jobs and workflows with drag-and-drop ease, even with multiple stakeholders.

Reduced business risk

Predictive analytics and trending help identify problems before they impact the business.

Self-service for business users

Keep non-IT personnel informed and engaged with a self-service mobile app tailored to their needs.

Comprehensive auditing and assured compliance

Track, archive, and report on all activity so you always know which actions were taken and who is responsible.

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Take a closer look

  • Upgrade components “on the fly” to eliminate the need for maintenance windows.
  • Incorporate real-time processes into your workload automation environment with Business Process Integration.
  • Know where each application fits and how they work together with cross-application support.
  • Support entire workflows, no matter what platform, with multi-platform coverage.
  • Deploy as many development, test, and production environments as you need with Enterprise Manager.
  • Reduce the effort it takes to migrate from other job scheduling solutions with built-in conversion utilities.

Video: Better service, lower cost through self-service

Find out how Unum increased efficiency, improved service, and reduced costs by implementing BMC Control-M Self Service for its business users. (3:01)

Control-M modules to fit your needs

Control-M Self-Service

BMC Control-M Self-Service lets business users see their scheduled work and perform basic tasks in real time, improving productivity and reducing costs.

Control-M for Hadoop

BMC Control-M for Hadoop simplifies and automates Hadoop application processing for faster batch-job implementation and more accurate analytics.

Control-M for SAP

Control-M for SAP integrates and automates business processes from a single point of control, providing enterprise-wide dynamic workload management.

Control-M Integration with IT Applications

Control-M Integration with IT Applications offers faster, more cost-effective workload management for cloud, backup, databases, web services, Java, and messaging.

Control-M Integration with Business Applications

Introduce all Control-M capabilities to your business applications, including advanced scheduling criteria, complex dependencies, and quantitative and control resources.

“My favorite thing about Control-M is its single pane of glass to monitor, manage, and control enterprise-wide workload automation.”

— TechValidate research survey response
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Extend Control-M capabilities

Control-M Workload Change Manager

Easily automate and simplify batch application workflows to reduce costs and speed up the delivery of business services with BMC Control-M Workload Change Manager.

Control-M Workload Archiving

BMC Control-M Workload Archiving makes it easy to retain and retrieve the critical batch logs and output needed to prevent service disruptions and meet compliance requirements.

Control-M Advanced File Transfer

Enjoy secure, reliable file transfers with BMC Control-M Advanced File Transfer, an add-on that seamlessly integrates FTP transfers into your workload automation processes.

Control-M JCL Verify

Ensure syntactically correct, error-free JCL to optimize mainframe batch processing by integrating with BMC Control-M Workload Automation.

Control-M Batch Impact Manager

BMC Control-M Batch Impact Manager gives you the visibility and agility to quickly remediate issues before they affect service delivery.