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In the Autonomous Digital Enterprise, a Transcendent Customer Experience is one that gives people what they need, when and where they want it, tailored to their preferences. By anticipating and fulfilling customer and employee needs proactively, you can exceed expectations and ensure a competitive edge.

What Is an Autonomous Digital Enterprise?

The Autonomous Digital Enterprise is a forward-looking view of the future state of business, one in which agile, customer-centric, insight-driven companies evolve their operations to survive and thrive in the midst of persistent disruption. The Transcendent Customer Experience is one of five technology-enabled tenets that galvanize and sustain the Autonomous Digital Enterprise.

Autonomous Digital Enterprise
Current Business Challenges

Current Business Challenges

Soon, customer experience (CX) will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.* But many businesses suffer complex service and experience challenges, including:

  • Multi-process supply ordering from vendors, services, and cloud providers
  • Complicated, expensive service request approaches
  • Fragmented, multi-channel, and multi-method communications
  • Manual systems that deliver inconsistent responses, slow problem resolution, and hinder service level agreement (SLA) management, tracking, control, and governance
  • Increased risk of security breaches and non-compliance
  • Low usage of self-service knowledge resources

How Technology Helps

Intelligent automation and artificial intelligence (AI) tools are the key technology drivers of the Transcendent Customer Experience. They enable personalized, responsive service that creates happy customers and frees up employees from arduous, mundane processes so they can focus on business-critical tasks. The technology works alongside human expertise to:

  • Analyze customer data to provide a customized, targeted experience
  • Support Internet of Things (IoT) devices for a connected technology matrix
  • Empower users with simple, familiar, and fast mobile-friendly user interfaces, enhanced, intuitive virtual solutions, and conversational self-service tools
How Technology Helps
Transcendent Customer Experience Ebook

Solving Business Challenges

We’ve identified select business use cases where a Transcendent Customer Experience can solve for these challenges. Download our e-book to learn more.

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