Top 10 Tips to Implementing Continuous Delivery


Transitioning to continuous delivery is a challenge full of failure leading to success Shifting an existing team to Continuous Delivery (CD) is hard. And make no mistake, you will fail along the way. The results, however, can be unmistakably awesome. Companies that make the transition to Continuous Delivery see measurable benefits, especially … [Read more...]

What Is “Jobs-as-Code”?


Is your organization looking to accelerate application delivery and application quality in order to stay competitive in today’s always-on economy? Adopting a Jobs-as-Code approach can transform your business for agile application delivery and processes by avoiding rework and headaches related to your application delivery. In addition, Jobs-as-Code … [Read more...]

File Transfers: One Digital Business Challenge Solved

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As your company’s business becomes more digital, you’re likely to encounter many issues. The amount and size of data will increase, and there are more applications and systems needing access to that data than ever before, all of which adds to complexity. This has the potential to make your journey to becoming a digital business more … [Read more...]

How to Measure the Value of Your DevOps Organization


In many ways, moving from development to production is like driving along a road trying to reach your destination as efficiently and smoothly as possible. Taking a road with bumps, blind spots, and heavy traffic can make it difficult to get there faster and safer - not to mention the aggravation that occurs when you’re backed up in traffic and … [Read more...]

Digital Business Automation, DevOps, and 20/20 Vision


The year 2020 will be here before you know it and many businesses are setting their sights on what they can do to achieve that perfect “20/20” vision. It’s a goal that involves quickly delivering new, high-quality applications, which will become even more critical than ever to help companies become more competitive. In fact, the race is in full … [Read more...]

How Control-M Helps at Every Stage of the Big Data Journey


Getting started with Big Data is like preparing for a cross country drive. You’re not going to get it done in a day. You have to consider different routes – in the Big Data world, this means ‘What platform will you use?’; ‘How will you set up the IT architecture?’ etc. At various points in the journey, you’ll need to find bridges (from existing … [Read more...]