Top 30 Tech/IT Conferences of 2018

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Last updated: 3/16/2018 Conferences are designed to not only promote fellowship and create networking opportunities among like-minded peers, but they also provide access to the newest ideas and concepts. Fortunately, there are hundreds of tech and IT conferences around the globe each year, so you have the chance to find the right ones that will … [Read more...]

ITIL Change Advisory Board (CAB) Explained


ITIL Change Management & the CAB In the ITIL framework, change management is one of the main processes of the Service Transition phase. Other processes that work in tandem with change management in the Service Transition phase include: Change evaluation Product management Application development Release management Service … [Read more...]

ITIL Business Relationship Management Explained


Business Relationship Management (BRM) is the part of the ITIL framework that deals with anticipating current and future customer needs. It is primarily defined in the Service strategy phase which contains the following major processes, aside from BRM: Service portfolio management Financial management for IT services Demand management … [Read more...]

Remedyforce vs Other ITSM Solutions


Remedyforce, built on Salesforce App Cloud, is a modern service desk solution that enables you to deliver high-speed service management that empowers users and accelerates the business, with minimal capital investment. Compare Remedyforce with other ITSM solutions and you'll see why we're not just different, we are better. Start Your Free … [Read more...]

Discovering Discovery: Selecting IT Discovery Tools Made Easy


Why the Confusion? (Part 1) This is the first of two blogs covering the common challenges in selecting the right discovery tool(s), why there can be confusion, and where to start with your own evaluation or assessment. The subsequent blog will provide more prescriptive guidance around evaluating and selecting discovery tools along with a pragmatic … [Read more...]