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5 Ways to Use Decision Support to Improve ITIL Incident Management


Back in the early nineties, we had an amazing decision support capability as part of our helpdesk infrastructure: his name was Mark. Mark had been around forever. He knew how everything worked. He also knew everybody and had an uncanny knack of reading and decoding complex error logs better than many of our third-line experts. Nobody could get a … [Read more...]

3 Strategies for Effective Change Management in the Digital Workplace


In our first two blogs, we explored how to reduce resistance to change and then lay the foundation for IT Change Management. In this blog, we’ll discuss strategies for implementing effective change management processes. Change is pervasive, continual, and has become the defining characteristic of modern business. Fail to master the art of … [Read more...]

7 Tips for Interviewing and Hiring Help Desk Professionals


The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed. — C.G. Jung With help desk and service desk talent, a good hiring decision is one based on a formula that predicts good results. The service desk is a competitive, dynamic environment—and its people and their … [Read more...]

Delivering Successful IT Change Management: Laying the Foundation


In our first blog in this series, we suggested ways in which IT organizations can help reduce risk by reducing resistance to change. In this blog, we'll discuss strategies for laying the foundation for IT Change Management. Change is an integral part of the growth of any business. Just like the Dinosaurs who, unable to adapt to their changing … [Read more...]

IT Asset Management Best Practices: Top 10


I was told once that IT asset management is a process, not a project. Truer words could not be spoken. Yet, I think that many organizations implement IT asset management as a reactive measure to a particular incident. When that issue is resolved, the organizational focus on IT asset management is deprioritized until the next incident. Then the IT … [Read more...]

3 Ways IT Can Deliver a Consumer-like Experience for Business Users


Consumer technology has spoiled business users. People now expect IT to deliver the same kind of experiences at work that they enjoy at home. That might not come as good news to some staffers—but it should. The reality is, a consumer-like approach can be just as good for IT as it is for users. Consider the way IT support usually works (or … [Read more...]

What’s Inside That Container? What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You!


I’ve been working with Vagrant over the past few months, and recently started investigating Docker hands-on in my lab. Both container technologies are impressive and useful and are changing the face of application delivery. But…well, we still have some distance to travel. For this article I consider both Vagrant and Docker to be similar … [Read more...]

4 Best Practices for IT Service Desk Managers


“The more successful your service desk, the happier and more productive your organization.” Proclaimed in meetings, this type of positive mantra is met with nodding heads – but we all know that a lack of focus and a reluctance to provide a budget to support IT service desk capabilities are common barriers. This blog briefly examines why and … [Read more...]