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IT Service Management is about more than a service desk. Users in the modern enterprise need quick and easy access to IT services. Read the latest blog posts on ITIL, ITSM, help desks, and service desks.

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The Modern Family: IT Asset Management and Service Management


Do opposites really attract? Service management has evolved from humble beginnings as a “help desk” supporting the operational back office to handle internal IT support tickets. Today it is a modern solution which has shifted service management to the front office to empower the end users beyond IT tickets while providing the business services … [Read more...]

A Simple Primer for Understanding ITSM and ITIL


Everyone talks about IT Service Management (ITSM) and Information Technology Infrastructure Libraries (ITIL), but people aren’t always clear on what these concepts mean. This is even though most IT shops use some form of ITSM strategies and ITIL tools every day, whether they realize it or not. To help clarify what ITSM and ITIL are, here’s a … [Read more...]

The Hidden “Agility Tax” and How To Avoid It

Hidden Agility Tax

Business agility takes many forms. Manufacturers now divert supply chain items at the last minute to maximize factory output. Finance departments track and adjust spend in near real time. Marketing organizations launch competitive promotions within days of their conception. These are just a few examples of how crucial agility has become for success … [Read more...]

Avoid Buyer’s Remorse With Your ITSM Solution


Today, I’m going to dust off my IT Service Management consultant handbook and talk about ITSM solution design—common mistakes and pitfalls leading to costly changes, explosive debates (those ITIL® purists!), and the sudden departure of project sponsors.  I hope this hard-won advice will help you avoid regrets, recriminations, and remorse over your … [Read more...]

Five Ways to Overcome Digital Workplace Hurdles

5 Ways to Overcome Digital Workplace Hurdles

The price of digital business incompetence is real and growing. The Gartner Group predicts a quarter of businesses will lose their competitive ranking by 2017, succumbing to competitive business models and talent drain. Digitally savvy Millennials will comprise three quarters of the workforce in just fifteen years. They demand mobility, constant … [Read more...]

Facts about IT Catalog Sprawl

000000_TechValidate_Catalog_Sprawl_Demand 2

Download Infographic (PDF) › Embed On Your Site: Copy and Paste the Code Below <img src="" width="540"/><br />Facts about IT Catalog Sprawl. An infographic by the <a … [Read more...]

IT Support Levels: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and more explained


Being an IT service management provider, customers often ask us what the various flavors of IT Support tiers are and how they can use them in organizing their Help Desks and Service Desks. Support levels and support tiers are phrases used interchangeably within IT organizations. With some variations, a typical IT Support infrastructure is … [Read more...]

The Zoo: Digital Service Management for Partners

The Zoo: Digital Service Management for Partners

Last year’s introduction of Digital Service Management opened up the door for channel partners and resellers to bring new business value to their customers. The more agile, modern and efficient solutions BMC Software launched – including MyIT, Service Broker and Smart IT – aligned with the tools most people use at home, including Nest, Facebook and … [Read more...]