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Business Benefits of IT Service Management

Although it sounds obvious, Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) success lies in how you position your ITSM efforts in relationship to your enterprise. Two key questions to consider with ITSM are: 1) What are the driving forces behind your ITSM efforts? and 2) Does your ITSM implementation serve as a comprehensive enterprise strategy or … [Read more...]

Ask the Expert: Is There Hope on the Service Desk Horizon?

Let’s face it, most service desks and IT departments have so much on their plate, it’s hard to innovate.  As Uber-like experiences change employees’ service expectations, many are getting left in the dust. With the quickening pace of change in cloud, SaaS, software, social networks, and physical-to-virtual assets – the modern service desk faces an … [Read more...]

FootPrints Reviews and Ratings

This post is part of a series on BMC product reviews. Be sure to check out the other post on Control-M Reviews and Remedy Reviews. BMC's FootPrints service desk is an ITSM solution for mid-size organizations that includes incident and problem management, knowledge management, analytics and reporting, mobile access, and much more. User … [Read more...]

Service Management in the Cloud Pays Off for OCASO

Like most companies today, OCASO is transforming itself in response to accelerating consumer demand for conducting business across multiple channels, including in-person meetings and online transactions using smartphones, tablets, and computers. Founded in 1920, OCASO is one of Spain’s leading insurance companies, offering a variety of insurance … [Read more...]

The Secret Life of Your Network: 9 Threats Lurking in Your Data Center

Picture a place filled with threats both known and imagined. Perhaps it’s a ramshackle house with creaky stairs and dusty furniture; a damp, shadowy basement with ominous shapes looming in the corners; or the deepest depths of the ocean. Or maybe it’s your data center. Yes, even a landscape of soothing hums and flashing lights has a secret … [Read more...]

COBIT vs ITIL: Understanding IT Governance Frameworks

COBIT and ITIL are both popular systems used for governance in IT service management. Used together, in part or in whole, these IT frameworks offer guidance for effective management of IT services. What's The Difference between ITIL and COBIT? ITIL is a framework that enables IT services to be managed across their lifecycle, while COBIT aids … [Read more...]

Remedy Reviews & Ratings: The Ultimate Roundup

This post is part of a series on BMC product reviews. Be sure to check out the other post on Control-M Reviews and FootPrints Reviews. BMC Remedy 9, available on-premises or as-a-service in the cloud, is a powerful service management platform built natively for mobile with an intuitive, beautiful, people-centric user experience that makes … [Read more...]

ITSM Frameworks: Which Are Most Popular?

Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) refers to all the activities, policies, and processes that organizations use for deploying, managing, and improving IT service delivery. Organizations generally use a pre-defined framework of best practices and standard processes to provide a disciplined approach to ITSM implementation. The most … [Read more...]