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Service management in the cloud positions Mobiltel and other Telekom Austria operators for the digital age

Mobiltel was founded in 1994, making it the first mobile phone operator in Bulgaria. Since then, Mobiltel has grown significantly and is the largest GSM operator in the country. We have more than 4.2 million customers and are continuing to grow our customer base—which today represents nearly 39 percent market share. We are part of a much larger … [Read more...]

Is It Time To Modernize Your IT Service Management Solution?

When software companies merge, it can create uncertainties for customers. With any merger, there can be concerns about how this might impact commitments to existing products, the combined company’s focus on new product innovation, and the ability to provide consistent quality in customer support. Many organizations that are impacted by a merger … [Read more...]

5 Key Metrics for Effective Service Desk Management

Two oft-repeated business maxims state that 1) You can’t manage what you don’t measure and 2) if you can’t measure something, you can’t improve it. These sentiments apply beautifully to Service Desk management and the virtuous cycle that’s created when an organization implements an Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) system using an … [Read more...]

Help Desk vs Service Desk: What’s The Difference?

Help Desk or Service Desk – Semantics or Strategy? What is the difference between a Help Desk and Service Desk? Is it just a matter of semantics and terminology or are these in fact very different and distinct disciplines that impact an organization’s IT approach and strategy? It is an interesting topic that has lots of different answers, … [Read more...]

IT Project Management: Process, Templates, & Best Practices

IT departments do more than roll out new software and ensure that users can connect to printers. You support the critical business systems that your organization relies on to move business forward. Your ITSM solution helps make your tactical tasks easier. But how do you manage your department’s projects? Keep reading to learn about the … [Read more...]

Remedyforce is a Vital Ingredient in Leading Chocolate Producer Barry Callebaut’s Recipe for Quality Service Delivery to Nearly 10,000 Employees Worldwide

The Barry Callebaut Group is the world's leading manufacturer of high-quality chocolate and cocoa products. Our operations cover everything from the origination and processing of cocoa beans to producing the world’s finest chocolates, including fillings, decorations, and compounds. We serve the entire food industry, from industrial food … [Read more...]

Transform HR Service Delivery

HR leaders across the globe are battling three key challenges: How do I transform the employee experience? How do I standardize and automate HR processes? And how do I become a strategic partner to the business? In this infographic we explore some of the challenges and motivations for HR operations professionals and highlight the key … [Read more...]

5 Ways Data Center Discovery can Enhance IT Security

2017 just kicked-off and is expected by many to achieve new records in technology adoption, driven by the transformation of traditional businesses into digital enterprises. While this presents huge opportunities, the threat level has never been so high with cybercrime getting more organized, and derailing the power of new technology. I wanted to … [Read more...]