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Capacity Management for the Service Desk


This is the final blog in our five-part series on “Delivering a World Class Service Desk.” In our last installment, we explored the issues around outsourcing and offshoring: how to decide whether to do it, and how to make sure it works out. In this installment, we’ll look at how you can make sure your service desk can keep up with the demands of … [Read more...]

Considerations in Service Desk Outsourcing and Offshoring


This is the fourth blog in our five-part series on “Delivering a World Class Service Desk.” In our last installment, we presented five metrics to help you track your performance and make sure you’re hitting the right targets. In this blog, we’ll tackle the perennial questions of whether to outsource or offshore your service desk—and how to make … [Read more...]

5 Key Performance Indicators for a High-Performance Service Desk


This is the third blog in our five-part series on “Delivering a World Class Service Desk.” In our last installment, we discussed three essential traits to look for in the people who staff your service desk. This time, we’ll talk about how you can track and measure performance to make sure your service desk is living up to user expectations as well … [Read more...]

The Importance of Knowledge Management in the Digital Enterprise


Why is Knowledge Management so important to BMC and to our customers, and why has BMC Remedy Service Management Suite’s Knowledge Management earned the highest ratings in 4 out of 5 Use Cases in Gartner’s Critical Capabilities for IT Service Support Management Tools? Digital transformation is rapidly broadening the range of technologies in use … [Read more...]

Virtual Reality CMDB: The Future of Service Management


Virtual reality (VR) is one of the most promising technologies for the ongoing evolution of service management. Here at Cloudaction, we’re looking out five to 10 years to imagine how VR can be a game changer for Remedyforce users. The area where VR could have the most immediate impact is CMDB. Current CMDB solutions use two-dimensional forms … [Read more...]

Five Ways to Provide a World Class Service Desk Experience


This blog is the first in our five-part series on “Delivering a World Class Service Desk.” In subsequent blogs we’ll explore key elements of success including providing hiring the best candidates, measuring the right things, knowing when to outsource and offshore, and managing capacity. Today, we’ll begin with a discussion of five ways you can … [Read more...]

How to Hire the Right People for Your Service Desk


This is the second blog in our five-part series on “Delivering a World Class Service Desk.” In our last installment, we discussed five ways to deliver a great experience for users. This time, we’ll talk about how you can identify the people best able to deliver that experience—and ensure the best results for your users. We’ve all had encounters … [Read more...]

Healthcare in the Digital Age: Leveraging Remedyforce Digital Service Management Capabilities to Support Hosted Healthcare Operations


This post is part of a 3-part series from Nuance authored by Dianne Sforza and Clitfon Teate. Legal mandates and the demand for more affordable yet personalized patient care are driving a major transformation in healthcare: Healthcare providers must now transition from manila file folders filled with pages of handwritten notes to electronic … [Read more...]

IT Change: From Resistance to Embrace

Resistance to Change

This blog is the first in our three-part series on “Successful IT Change Management,” in which we’ll discuss ways to build a culture that understands the necessity and value of change, and navigates it successfully. In this installment, we’ll address resistance to change—one of the most common and important challenges facing IT organizations. … [Read more...]