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DB2 Deep in the Heart of Texas!


DB2 on z Systems is alive and well in Texas and the partnership between BMC Software and Compuware is continuing to bear fruit for our customers! We are very pleased to announce that together BMC and Compuware will be sponsoring a DB2 swing through the Lone Star State as we partner to present HOTDUG – Heart of Texas User Group in Austin, Dallas and … [Read more...]

The Zoo: HR Work-Life Apps for Millennials

The Zoo: HR Work-Life Apps for Millennials

With BMC’s latest app, HR Case Management, people can request PTO, change healthcare plans and apply for corporate-sponsored gym membership from a phone. Steve Terry joins The Zoo from Abu Dhabi to explain how HR Case Management enables the digital workplace, giving Millennials and Baby Boomers alike easy access to workplace services. For HR, the … [Read more...]

A Simple Equation for Faster ITSM Onboarding


You hear a lot about “time to value” these days, but what does that really mean? With a SaaS service desk solution, do you truly get value the moment it’s provisioned and you can log in? Is being able to log in really all you need? We at BMC believe that “value” means that you’re using our service live and in production to achieve your business … [Read more...]

The Zoo: ITSM vs ITIL with Jon Hall

The Zoo: ITSM vs ITIL with Jon Hall

ITIL or ITSM? They’re not binary. You need both to run a digital enterprise. With today’s emphasis on customer service, where any failure to please is exposed on social networks in real time, having a framework like the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) to manage your IT is a must. You can no longer wing it in IT Service … [Read more...]

3 Things You Must Consider When Automating Your Service Desk


Many organizations already know the benefits of service desk automation – cost savings, improved efficiency and throughput, and increased customer satisfaction are all well documented outcomes of taking the time to automate. If your organization is considering an automation initiative, be sure to honestly assess these three areas before you … [Read more...]

Top ITSM Certifications for 2016


For decades, college degrees have been hailed as the gateway to a profitable career path. Typically, a college degree focuses on a major study, a minor study, and is filled out with a wide range of other education, usually in areas where the student has no talent and no interest. For example, computer science majors are forced to endure countless … [Read more...]

Leverage Your HR and CRM Software to Accelerate Business


Embrace what’s working. Get rid of what’s not. Specialized software now exists to help businesses with individual lines of business or functions.  There are business solutions to aid IT in managing its workflows, software to help human resources track employment records, and there are dozens of customer relationship management (CRM) applications … [Read more...]

It’s a New World for IT – Trends to Look for in 2016


When the end of each year rolls around, inevitably the conversation at some point touches on the increasing pace of doing business. In a world where mobility and ubiquitous connectivity are enabling global workforces to collaborate instantaneously, we’re now able to do much more much faster. Behind all of this is the IT infrastructure that … [Read more...]

The Zoo: Christmas Show

The Zoo: Christmas Show

  The 2015 Zoo Christmas Show celebrates the year of digital business with Simon King and Erin Avery. The last analog fortifications are overrun and a massive wave of ones and zeros is about to break. “Organizations are starting to realize that they are creating their own digital identity, intended or otherwise, and that has created an … [Read more...]

Service Catalog vs. Service Portfolio: What’s The Difference?

IT Silos Part 3

Are you in the stages of defining and setting up your business' ITSM strategy? Perhaps you're redesigning yours and are looking at all your options. If so, you'll likely be faced with the decision between setting up a service catalog or a service portfolio (or both!). Here is what those terms mean, along with a handy guide for selecting the option … [Read more...]