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The Zoo: What Digital Revolution?

The Zoo: What Digital Revolution?

They tell The Zoo that we're standing on the threshold of a digital revolution. But what does that mean? Businesses eliminating assigned office seating and mining companies relying solely on robots show us that every job is now digital. Will IT be able to adept? Erin calls the Digital Revolution "the new beginning for IT." A chance to reinvent … [Read more...]

BYOD Spurs IT Innovation and Skill Set Advancements

BYOD IT Service and Support

  A recent survey by Forrester shows that up to 50% of workers feel that their IT service desk cannot support legitimate needs with today’s technology. Savvy workers want to rid themselves of extra devices and find easier solutions to problems. Facing an unproductive stall due to forms to fill out, antiquated interfaces, and long wait … [Read more...]

Morningstar’s Cloud Transforms the Business

Morningstar is the 2014 BMC Cloud Innovator of the Year

Adopting new technologies and integrating them with its product offerings is almost an obsession at Morningstar, Inc. However, Andrew Watts, Morningstar’s IT director, makes it clear that Morningstar isn’t interested in technology for technology’s sake. Before embracing any new technology, IT always asks two questions: What will this new … [Read more...]

The Zoo: Disrespecting Asset Management

The Zoo: Cloud, On-Premise or Hybrid?

With the advent of Internet of Things, smart machines and flying drones, The Zoo discusses why so many IT organizations still struggle to catalog and track their work environments. Time for a change. Beyond exponential IT asset growth, we need to start tracking cost, usage and performance to maximize our IT purchases. Jeff Moloughney and Chris … [Read more...]

Vodafone Enables Service Excellence

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 1.09.29 PM

Fundamentally transforming the way people and organizations think about and use their technology is key to a major IT initiative undertaken by Vodafone. “We wanted to deliver a “best-in-class” solution to all Vodafone employees and reach a level of service excellence that could be demonstrated to our customers," said Karine Brunet, head of IS … [Read more...]

Bring IT to Life at Pink 15

BMC Software at Pink

PINK ’15, now in its 19th successful year, is the globally recognized event in the IT Service Management conference space. The three day program is content rich and comprehensive, covering a vast array of subjects from all across the ITSM spectrum. BMC is proud to be a Silver Sponsor of Pink15. Stop by our booth #603 to learn how BMC can help you … [Read more...]

The Zoo: Cloud, On-Premise or Hybrid?

The Zoo: Cloud, On-Premise or Hybrid?

Does SaaS cost more? Apparently. Is it easier to use? Not always. Cloud's good enough? For some. To figure it all out, The Zoo compares cloud-based and on-premise enterprise software, looking for the pros and cons on both sides. Chris Rixon and Jeff Moloughney also discuss on-demand services' impact on businesses. Will really 80% of all services … [Read more...]

Five Years On: The iPad’s Profound Impact on Software

ipad in a user's hands

On 27th January 2010, Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad. If you have 90 minutes or so to spare, that launch presentation is a fascinating watch. There was mixed reaction to that initial announcement. Some people called it right. Even days before the launch, Deloitte predicted that a new generation "NetTabs", such as Apple's rumoured new product, … [Read more...]