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Harnessing the Power of the Digital Services River


Digital services are rushing like a river into all corners of today’s enterprises, dramatically changing our customers’ worlds. The upstream feeders of the river are becoming more numerous, varied, and dispersed. The number and variety of digital service sources available from both in-house data centers and third parties seem almost limitless — and … [Read more...]

What does ITIL stand for?

ITIL Guide

ITIL® stands for IT Infrastructure Library. The current version of ITIL is known as ITIL 2011. ITIL is a group of best practices for IT Service Management (ITSM) that helps align business needs with IT services. ITIL can be confusing and to help answer ITIL questions BMC has created a complete guide to ITIL.   Introduction to … [Read more...]

Digital Enterprise Management: IT’s Epic Challenge…and Opportunity


We are entering an era where the technology curve we all live on is moving so quickly that the timeframe for development, deployment, and adoption of digital services is now measured in days, rather than weeks or months. The expanding consumerization of IT has vast implications for IT service providers, particularly for those operating at the … [Read more...]

Digital Enterprise Management – A New Paradigm


If you are anything like me, and chances are that you are, you no longer talk to people you don’t know. Sure, maybe it’s the result of the childhood lesson “don’t talk to strangers,” but the more likely scenario is that you have become accustomed to tapping a digital icon when you have personal business to attend to. The way I interact with … [Read more...]

Q&A: What is IT Service Brokering?


To stay relevant in the modern world, IT departments around the globe are poised to shift from reactive service-support organizations to proactive service brokers. Here's an excerpt from an interview with Simon Geddes, Product Management Lead at BMC Software, about IT service brokering. Q: What is IT service brokering? A: IT service brokering … [Read more...]

Redefine Legacy IT Service Management Best Practices


Embrace technology innovation and increase your competitive advantage Maneuvering through your business has likely become extraordinarily complex. Technology is incessantly entangled in everything we do, defining the way we work, communicate, and collaborate with colleagues. Most would agree that technology innovations have made life more … [Read more...]

Configuration Management in the Age of Digital Services


Common Challenges that Will Impact the Future of CM The digital transformation of businesses is no longer an option for companies today and while the prospect includes some major opportunities for disruption, it is also paired with many challenges. The companies that will succeed are most likely going to face a series of failures, adjustments, and … [Read more...]

The Zoo: Modern Self-Service IT with Larry Toube

The Zoo: Modern Self-Service IT with Larry Toube

With Amazon and Uber, on-demand self-service now is the norm in our daily life. To stay relevant, enterprise IT organizations try to mimic the consumer-side of self-service, consolidating request portals, updating user interfaces, and proactively posting knowledge articles about recurring issues. But in the end, we're still stuck with long forms … [Read more...]

The Zoo: Dealing with IoT in the Enterprise

The Zoo: Dealing with IoT in the Enterprise

The Zoo: The Internet of Things, IoT, is expected to usher in billions of sensors, devices, and chips. From agriculture to mining, offices to subways, these "things" will help connect most people on earth. They will change our business processes and impact how we care for the sick. So, how is IT going to manage all the support, not to mention … [Read more...]