Monica Brink

Monica Brink

Monica Brink is Lead Solutions Marketing Manager for BMC Cloud Management. In her role, Monica has responsibility for solution launches, positioning, messaging, go-to-market strategies and sales enablement for BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management.

Cloud Outages: 6 Things You Need to Know

If you Google “cloud outage,” you’ll receive a long list of news reports concerning Amazon, Rackspace, Microsoft, Google, and others. It’s a common occurrence for cloud service providers to experience downtime. Given this reality, what do you need to know about cloud outages? Everybody has outages. There is nothing inherent in cloud … [Read more...]

Cloud Governance Best Practices

I apologize—I know it’s not a funny, wry, or ironic title. Articles about cloud are often followed up with some hyperbole about how cloud computing will help solve world peace. But I’m confident you, our readers, have moved on from the cloud hype—that you’ve recognized that, while cloud is not a silver bullet for anything, it is undeniably an … [Read more...]

CLM 4 and Microsoft Azure

Today BMC announced the Azure platform making it easy for BMC customers to automate provisioning of IT workloads to Microsoft Azure and securely manage these workloads across a hybrid environment. Microsoft Azure has been recognized as the only public cloud vendor that is a For more information about the BMC’s Cloud … [Read more...]

CLM 4 Coming June 25th.

It's a big week for the cloud management team here at BMC - and it's a big week for our customers as well with the upcoming public launch of BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management 4.0 (CLM 4) this Wednesday. This release is a direct response to the needs our customers have to quickly deliver the benefits of cloud computing to their businesses while having … [Read more...]

Learn how to Manage Cloud Complexity

At this point in the evolving cloud market, organizations are at different maturity levels of cloud computing use. What is common to all, though, is the increasing complexity of managing cloud computing successfully. From hybrid clouds to compliance and multi-tier provisioning, the management issues around cloud management are many and are … [Read more...]

2013 Cloud Year in Review

2013 was indeed a big year for Cloud Computing. This was really the year when cloud cemented itself as an essential part of any enterprise IT strategy. If you're an enterprise that's not doing cloud computing right now, you're definitely looking at it and planning for it. Here are some other observations of the journey that cloud computing took … [Read more...]

Lessons from Cloud Pioneers

We recently commissioned Forrester Consulting to do a cloud survey of 300 IT decision makers who have embarked on a cloud implementation, the results of which include some great insights into the evolution of enterprise cloud computing. So, with a recognition that we are still in the early stages of a rapidly evolving cloud market, I will call … [Read more...]

Happenings on the VMworld show floor

Well, after the VMworld key note yesterday (read all  about it here) I hurried to the booth expecting many of our booth visitors to chat to us about hybrid cloud management and automation of all things. And, I was not disappointed. We had great conversations with both current customers using our BladeLogic automation suite and/or Remedy ITSM … [Read more...]

Built on BMC Program for Cloud Service Providers Launches!

In the BMC Cloud team, we’ve always recognized the important role that service providers play in leading the evolution of the cloud market and helping companies to leverage cloud computing. In fact, BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management was architected from the ground up to meet the needs of cloud service providers to flexibly and securely deliver … [Read more...]

Automation for Cloud Service Providers

In the midst of strong cloud competition coming from many different sources as well as rampant cloud-washing in the market, service providers need to differentiate and add value to their cloud offerings in order to be relevant. However, differentiation often drives up costs. It’s much cheaper to offer the plain vanilla version of everything, … [Read more...]