Monica Brink

Monica Brink

Monica Brink is Lead Solutions Marketing Manager for BMC Cloud Management. In her role, Monica has responsibility for solution launches, positioning, messaging, go-to-market strategies and sales enablement for BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management.

Cloud Outages: 6 Things You Need to Know

If you Google “cloud outage,” you’ll receive a long list of news reports concerning Amazon, Rackspace, Microsoft, Google, and others. It’s a common occurrence for cloud service providers to experience downtime. Given this reality, what do you need to know about cloud outages? Everybody has outages. There is nothing inherent in cloud … [Read more...]

The Three C’s of Cloud Computing Management: Watch the Webinar

Azure Hybrid Cloud

As enterprises evolve along the cloud computing maturity curve, we are seeing 3 distinct cloud management requirements emerging: Choice, Compliance and Cost. Cloud Choice The complexity and demands that are placed on IT in most organizations mean that hybrid infrastructure is becoming the norm. Both to manage diverse digital services and … [Read more...]

CLM 4 and Microsoft Azure

Today BMC announced the Azure platform making it easy for BMC customers to automate provisioning of IT workloads to Microsoft Azure and securely manage these workloads across a hybrid environment. Microsoft Azure has been recognized as the only public cloud vendor that is a For more information about the BMC’s Cloud … [Read more...]

Release of CLM 4 – Fast. Built to Last.

    Cloud Lifecycle Management 4 (CLM 4) releases publicly today. Check out the press release  - our customers, partners and analysts all have great things to say about this latest update to our cloud management solution. With expanded hybrid cloud scope across both Microsoft Azure (new!) and Amazon Web Services as well as next generation … [Read more...]

CLM 4 Coming June 25th.

It's a big week for the cloud management team here at BMC - and it's a big week for our customers as well with the upcoming public launch of BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management 4.0 (CLM 4) this Wednesday. This release is a direct response to the needs our customers have to quickly deliver the benefits of cloud computing to their businesses while having … [Read more...]

Learn how to Manage Cloud Complexity

At this point in the evolving cloud market, organizations are at different maturity levels of cloud computing use. What is common to all, though, is the increasing complexity of managing cloud computing successfully. From hybrid clouds to compliance and multi-tier provisioning, the management issues around cloud management are many and are … [Read more...]

Migrating Apps to the Cloud – An Insider’s View

Now that cloud has proved itself in the market and is a key strategic imperative for IT, the focus for savvy cloud architects is increasingly how to optimize private and public cloud use within their organization. A key part of that is taking a strategic & planned approach to migration of applications, both existing and new, to a cloud … [Read more...]

2013 Cloud Year in Review

2013 was indeed a big year for Cloud Computing. This was really the year when cloud cemented itself as an essential part of any enterprise IT strategy. If you're an enterprise that's not doing cloud computing right now, you're definitely looking at it and planning for it. Here are some other observations of the journey that cloud computing took … [Read more...]