Jon Hall

Jon Hall

Lead Product Manager in the BMC Remedy ITSM Product Management team at BMC Software, focused particularly on the evolving toolset marketplace and innovative new solutions for service. 18 years in ITSM.

The Importance of Knowledge Management in the Digital Enterprise

Why is Knowledge Management so important to BMC and to our customers, and why has BMC Remedy Service Management Suite’s Knowledge Management earned the highest ratings in 4 out of 5 Use Cases in Gartner’s Critical Capabilities for IT Service Support Management Tools? Digital transformation is rapidly broadening the range of technologies in use … [Read more...]

How to transform your service desk with Knowledge Centered Support

The Digital Revolution is creating huge opportunities for innovation and productivity in the workplace.  However, this brings significant challenges to enterprise support functions. The scope of technical support is widening as technology moves from the back-office to the front-line. As a result, support organizations are expected to provide … [Read more...]

IT Asset Management Strategies in the Digital Enterprise

IT assets are rapidly evolving, and so must our practices. It is an interesting time for IT asset management (ITAM). The digital revolution in enterprises has had several profound effects on the corporate IT landscape. Rapid changes in technology have brought an increasingly diverse range of new technologies into ITAM’s scope. The increasing … [Read more...]

Service Desk Software: The Key to First Call Resolution

In an ideal world, it might seem like there would be no need for service desk calls at all. Realistically, we know that there will always be good reasons for customers to call. We still want to provide the best possible service. We want to do it effectively and efficiently. The best possible customer experience ends with the issue resolved … [Read more...]

Five Years On: The iPad’s Profound Impact on Software

ipad in a user's hands

On 27th January 2010, Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad. If you have 90 minutes or so to spare, that launch presentation is a fascinating watch. There was mixed reaction to that initial announcement. Some people called it right. Even days before the launch, Deloitte predicted that a new generation "NetTabs", such as Apple's rumoured new product, … [Read more...]

Mobile ITSM is not only about field support: It’s about everyone.

A worker interacts with a mobile phone

The new Smart IT UX for BMC Remedy allows ALL IT Support Workers to be Mobile. Why? Because everyone can benefit from mobility. In the short history of enterprise mobility, mobile business applications have generally focused on two specific user groups. The first is the group of users for whom being on the road is the bulk of their job, such as … [Read more...]

I do not accept that Service Desk tools are a commodity

Boxes in a warehouse

Some commentators say that the IT Support toolset market is commoditized. I don’t accept it. Here are many reasons why: I won’t accept that support tools are a commodity while any customer waits days for something to get resolved when, with a bit of guidance, they could have resolved it themselves. I won’t accept that support tools are a … [Read more...]

Why customer centricity is an approach, not a dogma

Elevator button saying "HELP IS ON ITS WAY"

“Customer first” is a much debated philosophy in ITSM. Studies and reports frequently place customer-centricity high on the priority list of CIOs and CTOs. But skeptical commentators argue that IT may be falling victim to its own faddish obsession: we are not the same as some of the most high-profile service innovators such as those in the consumer … [Read more...]

Cloud’s impact on ITSM tools: it’s not just about SaaS

The last few years in the ITSM toolset market have been somewhat dominated by the subject of cloud delivery. Businesess have, of course, rapidly embraced the cloud as an application consumption option. ITSM has been no exception: new entrants and established brands alike have invested either in fully SaaS offerings, or in diversification of their … [Read more...]