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BMC Helix Service Management 23.3.02 adds automation, AI for Asset Management and NetOps

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Jon Stevens-Hall

As the enterprise technology landscape becomes ever more diverse and expansive, pressure on IT service management (ITSM) departments to deliver more, faster have never been higher. However, artificial intelligence (AI) also provides ITSM professionals with even more new opportunities to deliver high-quality service at an enterprise scale. BMC Helix Service Management 23.3.02 leverages BMC HelixGPT to help ITSM practitioners achieve better outcomes for their supported users.

For IT asset managers, a new, automated ownership assignment function reduces toil. Release managers benefit from a significant user interface refresh, offering a more dynamic and productive user experience. Network operations teams gain new automation to ensure fast and accurate prioritization and geolocation of incidents.

The release is driven by market-leading BMC HelixGPT generative AI. BMC has collaborated closely with numerous IT professionals to align generative AI to their roles, and this release includes a number of BMC HelixGPT-powered enhancements:

  • Agent assistance powered by BMC HelixGPT gives support agents a search interface that responds to queries with summarized search results in the specific context of the user’s inquiry, reducing the time spent searching through multiple search results, and providing answers that are fully referenced to the original source documents to facilitate more detailed analysis.
  • BMC Helix GPT integration with SharePoint and Confluence enables intelligent search across external knowledge resources, in addition to the knowledge content in BMC Helix itself.
  • BMC HelixGPT chat summarization ensures that when a customer’s conversation with BMC Helix Virtual Agent is transferred to a human agent, that agent is provided with a concise and complete summary of the interaction up to that point. The agent can step into the conversation immediately without spending time reading long conversation threads, reducing cognitive load and error. The customer experiences a more continuous conversational flow rather than waiting for the agent to read the entire chat log.

This release also enhances automation and workflows, boosting the productivity of IT asset management and network operations teams:

  • Asset assignment automation enables the ongoing maintenance of IT asset ownership with minimal effort based on easily defined rules. IT asset management teams can define flexible rules to define ownership of new and existing assets, removing a time-consuming and often repetitive task from the critical path. This boosts team productivity and ensures accurate data for compliance and auditing.
  • A dynamic new interface for release management enables change and release management teams to handle release programs more efficiently. Releases from dynamic continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines to large multi-step projects can be planned, controlled, and optimized using a progressive new web interface that adapts to both desktop and mobile.
  • Network operations incident enhancements ensure that incidents automatically receive the correct prioritization and location information based on the configuration item (CI) impacted by the incident, reducing manual effort for responding support teams and ensuring accurate classification.

This release represents the latest iteration of BMC’s significant and differentiating ongoing investment in AI-driven service management, BMC HelixGPT-driven insights and interaction, and enhanced automation. These enhancements will drive greater productivity, facilitate more efficient and successful support responses, and drive a more seamless flow of innovation through the wider digital organization.

View the BMC Helix Service Management 23.3.02 release notes for more details on these exciting enhancements and many others in the release.

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Jon Stevens-Hall

Jon Stevens-Hall is a Principal Product Manager for BMC Helix ITSM. He was a contributing author on several of the ITIL 4 Managing Professional books (“Create Deliver and Support”, and “High Velocity IT”). His work focuses on innovative new tooling for Service Management, and the evolution of ITSM in the DevOps era.