Joe Goldberg

Joe Goldberg

Joe is an IT professional with several decades of experience in the design, development, implementation, sales and marketing of enterprise solutions to Global 2000 organizations. Joe has been active in helping BMC products leverage new technology to deliver market-leading solutions with a focus on Workload Automation, Big Data, Cloud and DevOps.

Modern Batch: Managing the Madness?

My previous installment in this series ranted about what is batch and how it still remains an essential discipline in computing. This time, I want to focus on the value of a batch approach for “modern” technologies like cloud, containers, microservices and serverless computing. It may be ironic that the management approaches and best practices … [Read more...]

Modern Batch. To Batch or Not to Batch? There’s no question!

Batch is Dead, Long Live Batch To borrow a line from the salute to new kings, as an “old” batch application may die, “modern” batch applications spring up to replace them. That is because a batch approach makes a whole lot of sense for many scenarios.  Below are a few examples. Transactions Let’s consider an interactive application like online … [Read more...]

Having Too Many Job Schedulers is Slowing You Down

It wasn’t that many years ago that you needed multiple devices to complete different tasks. You’d have an alarm by the bed, separate cameras based on whether you wanted to take still photos or videos, and a computer to send emails. Completing these different tasks involved buying and maintaining many devices. Now you can do all of this and much … [Read more...]

5 Ways Workload Automation Can Accelerate Digital Transformation

The role of automation in digital transformation has become more important today than ever before. As businesses turn to digital technologies to drive competitive differentiation, this innovation responsibility is more and more directly in the control of business owners and end users. And the number of applications and platforms used to deliver … [Read more...]

It’s not easy being green (screen that is)

-by Joe Goldberg, Solutions Marketing Consultant, BMC Software Inc.   Recently, I was discussing with a colleague why many mainframers are so attached to their 3270 “green screen” terminals.   Some pundits in the IT world lob derogatory names at these mainframe users and call them “mainframe bigots” or … [Read more...]