John McKenny

John McKenny

As Vice President of Marketing and Customer Support of ZSolutions Optimization for BMC Software, John leads the go-to-market strategy and customer success teams for mainframe solutions. Prior to joining BMC in 1995, he spent 15 years in various IT technical, management, and consulting roles in the transportation and insurance industries.

BMC Mainframe Survey Insights #2: Perception is Reality

This is the second in a five-blog series that covers key insights from BMC’s 11th Annual Mainframe Survey of over 1,200 executives and IT professionals. In this edition of my mainframe survey results blog series, we’ll dive into the topic of perception versus reality in regards to the mainframe and its future. Briefly put, when it comes to today’s … [Read more...]

Two Paths to a Better Mainframe

We live in a fascinating time. New mobile transactions are increasing at an exponential pace. Our beloved mainframes are making this all possible – without them, the transactions would not process at the pace we expect, would not be as secure as we need them to be, and costs would be prohibitive. But many of the new transactions that your mainframe … [Read more...]

When Java Meets Uber

What makes Uber really appealing is that you can click on the app and request services at a moment’s notice.  When you use Uber you can see where the car is, when it’s on the way, and know – down to the minute – when the car will arrive. The Uber app even displays the vehicle’s license plate, type and color of car, and the name of the driver so … [Read more...]

Think You’re Saving on Mainframe Licensing Costs? Think Again.

Are you under the impression that your company has maximized efforts to reduce mainframe monthly license charges (MLC)? The truth is that nearly every mainframe shop has the potential to save up to 30 percent on MLC. In fact, we’ve identified five specific MLC savings strategies that can benefit any mainframe-dependent business: Cost driver … [Read more...]