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BMC Helix Monitor is a SaaS solution that combines broad monitoring and event management capabilities with a containerized microservices architecture. Improve performance across complex environments while supporting the agility and speed required by digital businesses.

Predictive IT with AIOPs: Event and Service Monitoring

  • Advanced analytics help detect trends, patterns, and anomalies
  • Predictive alerts warn you before baselines are breached
  • Containerized architecture enables elastic scalability and high availability
  • Event clustering, either open or grouped, of “like” events, helps to identify potential issues/failures
  • Intelligent log analytics with dashboard visualization help you derive monitoring and management insights

Predict and proactively address issues for increased performance

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Manage performance across complex environments

Quickly determine service behavior and apply action

BMC Helix Monitor Multivariate Analysis
  • Multivariate anomaly detection
  • Probable-cause analysis based on correlated metrics
  • Log, event, and distributed tracing in a central console
  • Proactive notification of issues
BMC Helix Monitor Dashboard
  • Visualize tickets, changes, metrics, events, log data, and more
  • Provides cross-launch drill-down capabilities
  • Includes customizable and out-of-the-box dashboards
  • Multi-tenant enabled with full role-based access controls
  • Out-of-the-box panel plug-ins

Getting started with BMC Helix Monitor is easy