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What’s New in BMC Helix Observability and AIOps

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We are live with BMC Helix ITOM 24.2 April 2024 release, bringing end-to-end observability with AIOps capabilities to isolate root causes and reduce MTTR

BMC Helix Observability and AIOps

We added OpenTelemetry support for distributed tracing, log insights in the context of a situation using BMC HelixGPT, new service blueprints, and advanced event filtering to help IT teams resolve incidents faster.

Troubleshoot more efficiently with OpenTelemetry tracing

OpenTelemetry support for distributed tracing gives IT teams end-to-end service visibility in the context of the problem. The derived topology from trace data gets reconciled and added to the network infrastructure topology mapping and visualizations, giving users a starting point for troubleshooting microservices or any request-driven applications and an understanding of the service impact from network and infrastructure issues.

  • Monitor application and system health with pre-built dashboards for rate, errors, and duration (RED) metrics.
  • Pinpoint the exact combination of factors that lead to application problems.
  • Isolate root causes by correlating traces with topology, events, metrics, and logs.

Resolve incidents faster with AI-powered log insights

The log insights capability provides additional observations of an incident with important trends and patterns found in the context of the problem. It uses generative AI to summarize the issue and to give a breakdown of different occurrences so site reliability engineers (SREs) and IT operations (ITOps) teams can focus on resolving the issue.

  • Save time by seeing trends and patterns in connection with the situation.
  • Understand what your logs are telling you in plain language.
  • Make informed decisions with a clear explanation of the problem.

Gain better control of events

Advanced event filtering gives users control of the information needed to diagnose issues early. Now, IT teams can easily get the views that they want so they can effectively prioritize actionable events.

  • Create filters and view only events you want to focus on, filtering out everything else.
  • Save hundreds of filters and easily switch between them within the UI.
  • Group devices and services based on technology, role, and geography.

Other Observability and AIOps Enhancements

Correlation of incidents to situations saves costs

Lower costs by reducing the number of incident tickets created for the same issue. With less incident noise, service management and operations teams can collaborate more efficiently and focus on incident response and improving mean time to repair (MTTR).

New service blueprints for service modeling

Speed the time to value (TTV) for customers creating service models with new out-of-the-box service blueprints for application performance monitoring, networks, cloud infrastructure, and mainframe that reduce contextual noise and enable root cause analysis.

New BMC Helix Discovery TKUs

Get expanded BMC Helix Discovery Technology Knowledge Updates (TKU) content with new cloud, Kubernetes, storage, and network coverage that improves visibility into your IT environment.

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