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Get 360-Degree Enterprise Visibility with BMC AMI Datastream for Ops and BMC AMI Ops

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Grant McDonald

Operations teams play a critical role in digital business success. By monitoring systems, identifying issues, and fixing problems, they help meet the expectations of both internal and external customers for the reliable performance, availability, and security of critical applications and services. To do this effectively, ops teams need visibility to what’s happening in the technology environment—something that today’s complex, interdependent systems make more challenging every day.

BMC AMI Ops solutions provide AI-powered observability and actionable insights to help mainframe teams find and fix problems, solve complex issues, respond to potential security incidents, and increase operational resiliency across mainframe systems. However, the mainframe doesn’t operate in isolation from the rest of the IT environment. A common challenge faced by mainframe organizations is integrating mainframe data into the enterprise in a way that is useful for all stakeholders. To help BMC AMI Ops customers accomplish this, BMC has released a new data connector specific for BMC AMI Ops and Splunk called BMC AMI Datastream for Ops.

The BMC AMI Datastream for Ops solution works with BMC AMI Ops to integrate operational data into a broader enterprise context—helping operations teams across both mainframe and distributed platforms keep services and applications running at optimal performance. Through integration with enterprise analytics platforms such as Splunk, organizations can ingest and analyze all critical operations data, including mainframe, in one place while leveraging their chosen analytics platform.

Breaking the mainframe out of its silo for enterprise-wide analytics

In recent years, enterprise analytics solutions have helped IT teams translate system data into actionable insights faster and more accurately than ever before. These tools can have transformative value, identifying and troubleshooting performance issues in real time—but they can only work with the data available to them. If your mainframe data is stuck in a silo, you’re leaving out a critical part of your digital environment. Now BMC AMI Datastream for Ops enables you to stream operational data from your mainframe to your analytics engine for 360-degree visibility and insight across all your systems through a single pane of glass.

Jumping from tool to tool for different platforms can slow troubleshooting and obscure understanding. By bringing the mainframe data captured by BMC AMI Ops into a central repository alongside distributed and cloud platform data, operations teams can take a unified approach to understand and fix performance problems. Operational data can be viewed in full context, while analysts can leverage rich dashboards, visualizations, ticketing, and alerting capabilities normally unavailable to mainframe data.

As the enterprise mainframe further demonstrates its role as the engine of digital business, the BMC AMI portfolio helps organizations deliver better services faster and with greater resilience and security. By adding BMC AMI Datastream for Ops to your existing BMC AMI Ops solution, you can leverage the full power of modern analytics for optimal performance and availability across the enterprise.

Get the full details on BMC AMI Datastream for Ops in our datasheet—and integrate your mainframe into your performance analytics environment.

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