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File Transfers: One Digital Business Challenge Solved

Will Lewis
Robby Dick
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Will Lewis, Robby Dick

As your company’s business becomes more digital, you’re likely to encounter many issues. The amount and size of data will increase, and there are more applications and systems needing access to that data than ever before, all of which adds to complexity. This has the potential to make your journey to becoming a digital business more difficult.

That’s why you need to increase the speed and efficiency with which you manage that data.  One of the issues you shouldn’t worry about is how to manage file transfers, which are more critical than ever before.  According to Aberdeen research, organizations using an enterprise-class solution, for automation file transfer movements, reduce the median annual business impact of lost productivity by about 60 percent.

Common challenges with file transfers

To determine whether your file transfer solution can meet the growing needs of digital business, take a close look at how well your technology supports key capabilities for managing workloads. Here are some issues to explore, all of which can be addressed easily by Control-M Managed File Transfer:

  1. Can you rapidly get data from Point A to Point B at the right time?
  2. How do you achieve an efficient flow of data when many machines and applications are involved in the transfer and processing of those data files?
  3. Are you able to get the visibility needed to quickly find details on any file transfer and associated batch job?
  4. Have you maximized automation of file transfer activity to reduce human intervention and errors?
  5. How do you give access to file transfers to non-technical people or partners who might depend on this information?

Control-M and Control-M Managed File Transfer can simplify and accelerate file transfer management – improving visibility and giving you greater control.

How Control-M Managed File Transfer eliminates these challenges

To manage the process effectively, Control-M Managed File Transfer optimizes and orchestrates workloads across heterogeneous environments so that files can move rapidly from Point A to Point B. This ensures that data files flow smoothly and the solution can process all data types across the workflow lifecycle. Data reaches the right destination in time – even during volatile, event-driven data surges.

Visibility is enhanced in a variety of ways. The solution lets you rapidly drill down into file transfers and their associated details. With this granular level of visibility, you can easily see which files were transferred and find information based on file name, source and destination host name, transfer protocol, file size, etc. It’s easy to drill down from a single screen and know what’s happening to files with widgets that show top transfers, file transfer status, and active connections, along with other information.

You can recognize data spikes and how they impact data process flows, and automatically prioritize business-critical processes. This reduces errors, and ensures that business applications relying on various data sources are delivered on time and without human intervention.

The intuitive dashboard reduces training needs and lets existing staff do more as there’s no scripting required. The simple yet powerful interface provides a fill-in-the-blank approach to defining even the most complex file transfers. Many organizations provide access to file transfers to non-technical business users. These users need to perform data workflow-related tasks on their own, without having to rely on IT for help, and Control-M Managed File Transfer makes that possible.

With Control-M Managed File Transfer, the management of increasing and more complex file transfers and related non-file transfer workloads is easier than ever before. By combining the industry leading Digital Business Automation solution with true managed file capabilities you can increase your visibility, speed, and accuracy, all of which are essential to becoming a digital business.

For more information about Control-M Managed File Transfer, download the whitepaper Improve Speed and Reliability with Streamlined File Transfer Options.

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About the author

Will Lewis

Will Lewis

Will joined the Control-M team in September, 2012, as a Sr. Product Manager.
Prior to BMC, Will was a product manager at Symantec within their Endpoint Management and Mobility organization. He was with BMC for six years prior to that as part of the Remedy acquisition, and managed teams within both Customer Support and IT. Will has an MBA from the University of Kansas, as well as undergraduate degrees in Journalism and Spanish.

About the author

Robby Dick

Robby Dick

Robby joined BMC Software in the summer of 1999 and has been involved with automation since 1995 in a variety of roles including: end-user, administrator, pre-sales consulting and marketing. For the past 7 years his primary responsibility is talking about the current and future state of automation and how Control-M can help deliver applications, and the business services they support, faster. Prior to 1995 Robby was a UNIX systems administrator in the Chicago area at companies in the energy, financial services and manufacturing industries. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of St. Francis in Joliet, IL, and resides in northwest Alabama with his wife and 4 children.