Data Management for DB2® on z/OS®

Data Management for DB2

Get DB2 operating costs under control

Simplify and automate your DB2 activities for better performance and lower costs.

  • Run high-speed DB2 utilities that use fewer resources.
  • Reduce downtime and increase availability of business services.
  • Speed up the time-to-market of applications with secure, self-service intuitive interfaces.
  • Move to DB2 11 with confidence.

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Fast performance at half the CPU cost of other solutions

Effectively manage and reduce DB2 operating costs while avoiding business outages.

Simplified administration and change management

Improve data integrity and availability while lowering costs.

Automated tasks

Speed up time-to-market, improve IT staff productivity, save resources, and lower CPU usage.

Backup and recovery solutions

Implement a complete daily backup and recovery strategy that optimizes performance and availability.

Application tuning

Find problems before implementing new code in production.

System monitoring and tuning

Spot issues before they cause outages.

Automated reorganizations

Increase performance and availability by reorganizing data with minimal outage.

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  • Improve productivity for database administrators.
  • Reduce the risk of introducing performance problems in a production environment.
  • Target DB2 workloads and utilities that are driving the peak rolling 4-hour average.
  • Identify and tune resource-intensive applications.
  • Reduce costs and delay CPU upgrades through zIIP offloads.
  • Enable self-service for the app development community through a secure, web-based interface.

Video: Florida Hospital achieves 24x7 environment with BMC

A diverse IT infrastructure doesn’t keep Florida’s largest hospital from operating at the highest performance levels around the clock, with complete data integrity. (4:47)

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Data Management for DB2 on z/OS simplified offerings

BMC has made acquiring data management solutions easier. Simply select from any of the offerings based on your needs.

Object Administration for DB2

Dramatically reduce the effort required by—and risks associated with—maintaining and updating DB2 database objects with the BMC Object Administration for DB2 solution.

Performance for DB2 SQL

Reduce costs while improving the availability and performance of your DB2 applications by streamlining your SQL, avoiding expensive hardware upgrades, and minimizing disruptive reorganizations.

High Speed Utilities for DB2

Reduce the time and money it takes to manage your DB2 environment with BMC High Speed Utilities for DB2, a collection of powerful tools to replace the native DB2 utilities.

Recovery for DB2

Don’t let unplanned downtime ruin your day—power up your backup and recovery processes with the tools in the BMC Recovery for DB2 solution.

Performance for DB2 Databases

Enjoy peerless database performance by optimizing and automating your reorganization and maintenance processes, with BMC Performance for DB2 Databases.

Workbench for DB2

BMC Workbench for DB2 makes interacting with your DB2 database easy and intuitive, helping you improve the performance of your applications. It is available as part of either Object Administration for DB2 or Performance for DB2 SQL.

“BMC’s acquisition of CDB’s utility solutions is good news for mainframe customers, who can expect significant benefits to flow from a string of the newly integrated mainframe products and technologies.”

— Rich Ptak, Managing Partner, Ptak Associates