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Large insurer improves customer service with developer self-service and automation


of app dev requests met


security administration


service delivery

Business Challenge

With more than 10 million customers, HUK-COBURG is one of Germany’s largest insurance providers. The company's database administration team strives to improve productivity and efficiency and deliver optimal service. Tasked with managing an IT environment comprising two z10 machines, parallel sysplex four-way data sharing, and multiple images of Db2 databases, and with over 200 developers who constantly need information on IBM® Db2® objects, the DBA staff was overwhelmed by requests for support.

BMC Solution

BMC AMI Database Administration for Db2® and BMC AMI Recovery for Db2® have enabled DBAs to automate many Db2® administration tasks, empowering developers to find what they need on their own, without querying the DBA team.

Business Impact

BMC solutions have automated routine tasks and provided self-service access to Db2 object information to help HUK-COBURG application developers accelerate the delivery of new services to customers.

  • Five DBAs easily manage the complex IBM® z/OS® Db2 environment due to the higher productivity enabled by task automation and developer self-service.
  • Catalog Manager’s automation of time-consuming, error-prone tasks has increased DBA and developer efficiency and accuracy.
  • Developers can now compare past and present Db2 object structures, reducing contention on the original Db2 catalog.
  • Db2 availability is higher because developers can audit data changes, undo bad transactions, and migrate Db2 for z/OS data to other Db2 or relational database management systems without any downtime.

“Our goal was to automate many of the tedious tasks associated with Db2 administration and enable developers to find the information they need without support from the hard-pressed DBA team.”

— Wolfgang Zeus, Senior Database Administrator, HUK-COBURG

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