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Workload automation and job scheduling have become critical as application and IT processing requirements have expanded. Automation for workloads across a broad spectrum of operating systems, applications, databases, and dependencies is now fundamental to on-time service delivery. Learn about Workload Automation at BMC or explore BMC's Introduction to Hadoop.

Redefining process and data automation in the era of big data

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Before 2010, process and data automation was mostly utilized in plant or factory environments, with some innovative businesses also using it to optimize and enhance business models. But in the modern era of big data, process and data automation have really taken on a new meaning. This second post in BMC’s big data series will explore the role of … [Read more...]

Key Technologies Behind Big Data

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Big data has been making a big splash for almost a decade now, but most people are still uncertain about what “big data” actually is, how it works, and the technologies that lay behind its magic. To answer these questions, I am publishing an extensive, 6-part blog series on big data technologies and what it means to you. To illustrate the power … [Read more...]

BMC Sets Out to Land the Big “Data” Catch at Hadoop Summit

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Hadoop Summit 2016 is only days away and the buzz continues to grow.  Big Data continues to get bigger every day, and this event further exhibits the continued interest organizations of all types and sizes have when it comes to mining their data. Read BMC'c Hadoop Tutorial for Beginners › This year, BMC is pleased to be a Diamond Sponsor at … [Read more...]

BMC Control-M Named Value Leader by 2016 EMA Radar Report


Improving the speed of execution and managing Digital Transformation are two of the most important and widely shared imperatives among businesses today. Workload automation may not be top of mind when business leaders strategize about how they can transform and become faster, but perhaps it should be. That’s just one of the conclusions we took away … [Read more...]

Common Challenges with Big Data Deployments


With technology that enables the collection, storage, and analysis of an incredible quantity of data, business demand for big data deployments has moved from experimentation to production. At the same time, IT needs to keep integration with existing business systems in mind. For instance, structured data remains the main focus, so IT needs to keep … [Read more...]

Having Too Many Job Schedulers is Slowing You Down


It wasn’t that many years ago that you needed multiple devices to complete different tasks. You’d have an alarm by the bed, separate cameras based on whether you wanted to take still photos or videos, and a computer to send emails. Completing these different tasks involved buying and maintaining many devices. Now you can do all of this and much … [Read more...]

Hadoop vs HBase: What’s The Difference?


Hadoop is a group of open source software projects that are overseen by The Apache Software Foundation (ASF). These projects make big data a lot easier to manage by providing a framework for storing and processing massive amounts of data across networked clusters of low-cost hardware without compromising reliability. Instead of relying on … [Read more...]