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Workload automation and job scheduling have become critical as application and IT processing requirements have expanded. Automation for workloads across a broad spectrum of operating systems, applications, databases, and dependencies is now fundamental to on-time service delivery. Learn about Workload Automation at BMC or explore BMC's Introduction to Hadoop.

BMC Control-M: Still Delivering Value after 17+ Years

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My company provides a broad range of human capital management services to enterprise clients, including hiring and human resource management, retirement services, payroll and tax filing. My major responsibilities involve backend processing of enterprise applications. About 70 percent of our workload is batch. Ours is a diverse environment that … [Read more...]

Why IT Decision Makers Prefer Enterprise Workload Automation


Improving IT efficiency continues to be a top priority for many enterprises, driven by infrastructure challenges and the need to process massive amounts of data. One way to improve IT efficiency is to eliminate the practice of using multiple schedulers and ad hoc scripting for job scheduling. That means moving to the next level, which is enterprise … [Read more...]

Control-M Delivers Again!


Brace yourselves for some very exciting new releases—three to be exact! If you have been around Control-M long enough, you know BMC is always on the cusp of new, innovative solutions. Allow me to introduce you to Control-M Managed File Transfer, Control-M Automation API, and Control-M on the cloud. There is no better time to upgrade to Control-M 9 … [Read more...]

5 Fantastic Books to Read on Big Data and Data Science


  If you’ve been following this 6-part series on big data, then you have learned quite a bit about what big data is, how it can benefit your business, and the things to look for when hiring big data talent. For the last and final post in this series, I want to leave you with some recommendations for additional materials that will help … [Read more...]

Big Trucks Deliver Big Data at Navistar


Navistar, Inc. is a completely different company from the one that was founded in 1831 to manufacture McCormick farming machines and other agricultural equipment. One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is our focus on innovation. Our products helped drive the westward expansion in the U.S. with farming equipment and, over time, construction … [Read more...]