Workload Automation Blog

Workload automation and job scheduling have become critical as application and IT processing requirements have expanded. Automation for workloads across a broad spectrum of operating systems, applications, databases, and dependencies is now fundamental to on-time service delivery. Learn about Workload Automation at BMC or explore BMC's Introduction to Hadoop.

Pizza and Best Practices for Agile and DevOps Adoption

When I think about the challenges of digital business and the need to innovate quickly while reducing risk and delivering the perfect customer experience, pizza comes to mind. And it’s not just because I’m hungry. Consider how pizza has transformed over the years from the basic options of just a cheese or pepperoni pizza to complete meals that can … [Read more...]

Job Scheduling vs Workload Automation: What’s The Difference?

Most IT managers understand the differences between job scheduling and enterprise workload automation software, so there’s no point in explaining it further, right? The problem is that even though you may know the differences, others may not. And at some point, you’ll probably have to explain those differences to someone else, such as a … [Read more...]

Trending Tech in 2017

This past year in technology was full of new. New technologies that are becoming mainstream, and will be the norm in the future. It was also full of “what’s hot” such as virtual reality, plans for drone home delivery and autonomous cars - concepts that may have been around for the last few years, but are coming to life now. What is going to be … [Read more...]

A New Tool for the Times as Oozie is Past Its Prime

If you need to hang a picture or replace a few roof shingles, the first thing you’ll probably reach for is a hammer, which has been used for centuries and has a future as secure as any tool in the toolbox. But if you need dental work, you don’t want your dentist using old technology like a hammer and pliers. In fact you’ll insist that your dentist … [Read more...]

How to Make IT Sausage

I was once told that no one really cares how the sausage is made.  I suppose for me, someone not in the sausage business, that’s true.  But I am guessing that the people who make the sausage care a lot about how it’s made.  As I sat in the opening keynote at the Gartner Application Strategies and Solutions Summit, I had this revelation – while the … [Read more...]

In Constant Pursuit of Batch Process Optimization at Ingram Micro

Ingram Micro traces its roots back to technology distributor Micro D, Inc., which was founded in 1979. Since that time, our company has become the largest distributor of wholesale technology products in the world and it ranks #62 in the Fortune 500. Ingram Micro offers solutions from 1,700 technology suppliers including major players such as … [Read more...]