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Delivering effective IT security and compliance means enabling Security and Operations teams to work effectively together. This is how IT can deliver what the business needs: secure and reliable IT services.

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Achieving Automation Maturity to Strengthen IT Security


IT environments are changing all the time Business today drives frequent application changes, which typically means infrastructure changes, such as new configurations, new servers, new application servers, new open source or commercial libraries, network route and port changes, and so on. Understanding the impact of these high-velocity, broad … [Read more...]

Avoiding the Zombie (Server) Apocalypse in Healthcare


In the business world, you don’t have to worry about zombies wandering the halls of accounting or hiding in the closets of the legal department. But there’s a good chance you’ll find at least a few of them in IT. I’m not referring to the reanimated dead depicted in popular TV series such as The Walking Dead. I’m talking about zombie servers lurking … [Read more...]

Reduce IT Vulnerabilities by Bridging the SecOps Gap


Security threats are becoming a more serious and frequent problem than ever before, costing companies millions of dollars per breach event. The good news is that many of these could be avoided, as hackers frequently take advantage of known vulnerabilities.  The bad news is that many organizations are unprepared because IT Operations and Security … [Read more...]

Cyber Monday – Digital Transformation Impact on IT Security


Industry leaders worldwide are rapidly taking advantage of digital advances in analytics, mobility, social media, and smart embedded devices to keep up with new demands from both internal and external customers. This has created a situation where it is more important than ever to take practical steps for strengthening IT security. This … [Read more...]

SecOps Closes the Boyd Loop

SecOps Boyd Loop_Blog_700x400_04072015

A good presentation should give the audience some food for thought. I've sat through my share of presentations, and I try to learn from those experiences to make sure that I deliver value to my audience during my own talks. Delivering a remote presentation constitutes a whole other level of difficulty, of course, and so I'm always looking for … [Read more...]

Cloud Governance Best Practices


IDC Technology Spotlight “Mature Cloud Management Depends on Effective Governance and Automation”Free Download I apologize—I know it’s not a funny, wry, or ironic title. Articles about cloud are often followed up with some hyperbole about how cloud computing will help solve world peace. But I’m confident you, our readers, have moved on from the … [Read more...]