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See What BMC has to Offer During SHARE


We’re SHARE-ing at SHARE in San Antonio.  We’ve got eight technical sessions and an innovative lunch and learn session this year! BMC continues to invest in mainframe and Bring IT to Life on the z Systems.  We’re proud to be a silver sponsor at SHARE, supporting the technical community for over 10 years. Started in 1955, SHARE is the premier … [Read more...]

What is the Rolling 4-Hour Average?

For those who are not familiar with the mainframe rolling 4-hour average, this blog helps describe its importance. Why is the Rolling 4-Hour Average (R4HA) important? Why should you and I care?  Developers, testers, system administrators, and other technical professionals are actually very affected by this important metric. Take a look at the … [Read more...]

It’s 2016: Is your Mainframe Ready for the Digital Era?


Our world has changed. Our lives have changed. Today consumers can pay for items at a store without even opening their wallet, book a flight and never speak to a single person, and deposit a check in their checking account without leaving the comfort of their home. As we continue to embrace technology, our day-to-day lives will change and we will … [Read more...]

Industry Focus: Finance, Insurance, and Retail Companies Manage Their Peak Seasons that Drive Peak Costs


What does peak season mean for your business? Growing up, I played a lot of different sports, from soccer to basketball to tennis. Every sport had its own season and preparing for them required different strategies; different investments in terms of time, effort and money. My goal throughout each season was to be successful, which could mean … [Read more...]

It’s Not Your Daddy’s DB2! – Part 1


Industry and DBA Trends With this blog post I am kicking off a new series of posts on the topic of how and why DB2 for z/OS is changing, and what these changes mean in terms of managing, administering, and developing DB2 databases and applications. The basic premise, which if you’ve been working with DB2 lately I’m sure you’ll agree, is that the … [Read more...]

Mainframe MIPS: An Introduction


Since the 1950's -- and even today in the era of virtualization, cloud computing, and distributed environments -- the mainframe remains the primary workhorse of the computer world. Mainframes are still hard at work, processing over 70 percent of the world's most important computing transactions every day. Organizations like banks, credit card … [Read more...]

Think You Can Avoid the Digital Tsunami? Think Again


The explosive growth of data in the digital enterprise can hit your organization like a tsunami so you’d better be prepared to avert a disaster. Tsunamis, as you may know, are massive tidal waves, usually caused by earthquakes, volcano eruptions, and landslides. The destruction can be far reaching and long term. Just like a tsunami in … [Read more...]

Retail Shopping Season Means Big Bang on Your Mainframe


Do you hear that thunder? It’s the rolling tsunami of data requests coming to hit your mainframe this holiday shopping season. So, what will you do about it? More business activity is always a good thing. But is your mainframe environment prepared for the wave of transactions that come into IBM® DB2®, IMS®, CICS®, MQ®, and other software? After … [Read more...]