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Understanding Mainframe MLC Software Pricing is No Easy Task


As a mainframe professional who is responsible for optimizing the systems, data, and costs of your company’s mainframe, you know how complex things can be. Sorting out how to reduce costs can be cumbersome, exceptionally so, if your team is unfamiliar with the inner workings of how the cost of monthly license charge (MLC) software is calculated. … [Read more...]

DB2 10 end of support and what it means to you

DB2 10 end of support and what it means to you

While most of us are looking forward to the impending announcement from IBM as to when DB2 12 will be generally available, it’s worth taking a moment to look back over our shoulder. Not everyone sees DB2 12 on their immediate horizon and not everyone is yet safely migrated to DB2 11. If you have not migrated to DB2 11, read on. IBM have … [Read more...]

Value of the Mainframe – A Soccer Enthusiast’s Perspective

Value of the Mainframe - a Soccer Enthusiasts Perspective

Nine weeks ago “mainframe” was a foreign word to me. My first day here as an intern was a beginner’s crash course on everything mainframe. I have learned the mainframe is essential to all kinds of data transactions worldwide – about 80% of the world’s corporate data to be more specific. In fact, the CICs application server that runs on the IBM … [Read more...]

Can Your Mainframe Keep Up With Digital Business?

Choosing a Digital Business Partner

Mainframe IT should be asking themselves some very important questions: Do my vendors understand the challenges I am facing? Is my vendor as dedicated to z Systems as my company? Is my vendor keeping up with my business? Is my vendor innovating for me or just milking my contract? The answers to these questions unfortunately are not … [Read more...]

Is Your Organization a Digital Enterprise? Take the Test


In a recent seminar on mainframe systems management, attendees were asked if they worked for a digital enterprise.  Almost no one raised their hand.  Attendees worked for some of the most traditional industries – banks, insurance, telecoms, healthcare, manufacturing, retail and government – and all used mainframes as a key part of their IT … [Read more...]

Two Paths to a Better Mainframe


We live in a fascinating time. New mobile transactions are increasing at an exponential pace. Our beloved mainframes are making this all possible – without them, the transactions would not process at the pace we expect, would not be as secure as we need them to be, and costs would be prohibitive. But many of the new transactions that your mainframe … [Read more...]