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Mainframes have been critical to IT since the beginning and they are only becoming more important. Learn how to optimize mainframe costs and operations at the BMC Mainframe Blog.

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Mainframe Optimization: Your Performance Monitor Counts


One of your company’s most critical assets is its performance monitoring solution. Today’s consumers never sleep; they’re always connected and require rapid, unprecedented response times. As a result, digital workloads are extremely disruptive and highly complex. Outages are no longer measured in hours because every second that your company’s … [Read more...]

Mind the Gap: You Are the Solution to the Mainframe Skills Shortage

Mainframe Skills Shortage

As technology continues to change the way we live day-to-day and as more companies drive to provide superior customer service, how is this going to impact your job and your company’s role in our new digital world? According to a Compuware survey of CIOs on the impact of new technologies and trends on the mainframe application environment, 91 … [Read more...]

BMC and Compuware Solution Integration Changes the MLC Game

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As promised, BMC and Compuware have delivered exactly what they announced in February—a powerful combination of mainframe cost management solutions that enable mainframe shops to pinpoint the most costly drivers of their budget and take action—quicker than ever before. BMC Cost Analyzer is receiving rave reviews from customers for making it … [Read more...]

The Digital Transformation: 21st Century DB2 Data Management


It seems like everyone is talking about the digital revolution and every company is looking to “go digital.” According to Gartner, 50% of businesses intend to be a digital business in 24 months and 83% in three to five years. Getting the digital transformation right is critical to business, but one thing is certain, failure to move is guaranteed … [Read more...]

The $64,000 Question: Where Does Your Money Go in the Mainframe World?

Mainframe bill

If you work in an IT shop that has a mainframe, you’re probably aware of the fact that the budget gets squeezed—justly or unjustly—because of the enormity of the bill. Actually, if you added up the other systems, they would probably dwarf the mainframe bill; it’s just that, often times, mainframe billing gets lumped together as one line item, … [Read more...]

Bringing IT and the Mainframe to Life

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The BMC Beat recently caught up with Jonathan Adams, vice president and general manager of Z Solutions & Select Technologies at BMC. Jonathan discusses highlights from a worldwide survey of 1,200 IT leaders which found that despite the mainframe’s perception as a legacy platform, customers who report that one of their top priorities is cloud, … [Read more...]