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Mainframe Best Practice: Increase Availability with Conditional IMS Utility Processing


A little mainframe humor for you: “What are the fastest IMS reorganizations you’ve done?” Answer: “The ones you don’t do at all because they’re not needed.” Old joke, but still applicable. Today’s digital businesses need applications to be available 24x7 so that users can complete their business processing, but IMS maintenance activities can impact … [Read more...]

When Is zIIP Offload Not What It Seems?


Minimizing the operating expense of your mainframe has never had a higher profile, nor been more important. Through the introduction of specialty processors (such as zIIPs), IBM has provided significantly lower cost hardware and the promise of dramatic savings in operational costs. The primary reason this is so attractive and cost-effective is not … [Read more...]

Two Secrets to Success in Managing Mainframe MLC Costs


Mainframe Monthly License Charge (MLC) software costs are a fact of life in the mainframe world. Some bills can reach well over $1 million per month. It’s worth it because of the amazing reliability, security, and performance that DB2, IMS, CICS, and other MLC software provides to our critical global businesses. But each year, the pricing is … [Read more...]

Five Tips for Your Modern Mainframe


A variety of challenges impact mainframe systems management and are driving companies to look for ways to meet the ever-increasing demands, speed, and complexity of digital business. IT budgets are tight. Skilled mainframe experts are retiring at a rapid rate and the solutions you use must meet the needs of a new generation of mainframe … [Read more...]

IMS Still Rules the World – and Digital Business


Is your company running IMS? If so, you know how valuable and dependable it has always been. IMS is the critical backbone of some of the largest systems for major financial, transportation, and government entities and customer end-user applications - like ATM machines and airline reservation systems. Whether you’re running the database side (IMS … [Read more...]

Understanding LOBs in DB2 and the Explosion of Unstructured Data


Do you know where all your unstructured data is? Do you know what applications are storing unstructured data in DB2? Can you be sure that your data is secure? Don’t let what you don’t know hurt you. BMC's LOBMaster for DB2® provides the assurances you need to sleep at night. Learn what customers have experienced and how BMC’s intelligent, next … [Read more...]

Accelerating Code Delivery on the Mainframe

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In today’s dynamic markets, businesses must move quickly to keep up with the competition—and to fulfill customers’ relentlessly rising expectations. And because so much business today is done digitally, “moving fast” is often simply another way of saying “accelerating the delivery of fresh code into production.” After all, most new business … [Read more...]