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Subsystem Placement and the Ultimate Workout for the Mainframe

Muscular professional female powerlifter doing a deadlift in an empty gym space, copy space is on the right side of the image. Uploaded as part of the Lean In Collection.

In many ways, the things that motivate mainframe teams to optimize subsystem placement are analogous to many of the reasons why people exercise and focus on a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise can make you stronger, more flexible, improve balance and stability, and do much more to help you achieve better overall health, which can enhance your … [Read more...]

In the World of Mainframe, Customers Come First

Businesswoman wearing headset in office

The mainframe is one of the most critical components in support of mission critical operations at most of the Fortune 1000 enterprises.  For these companies, optimizing the throughput, stability and cost of the mainframe platform remain vitally important. These companies lead the global economy and anything less than optimal execution and … [Read more...]

Aurevoir Brussels – Until We Meet Again IDUG!


As I settled into my transatlantic flight on Friday, I couldn’t help reflect on all the wonderful, inspiring events that transpired this past week at IDUG EMEA in Brussels.  This was my first IDUG conference as part of the BMC team and I was very impressed. The completely volunteer, user-based organization put on such a professional and informative … [Read more...]

Transforming Data Management by the Numbers


Here are two things that enterprises can count on as they cope with the explosive growth of unstructured and structured data in the digital economy: It will be a struggle to manage the unrelenting growth of data flooding your mainframe systems. You’re going to need help. These two “certainties” are highlighted in a recent commissioned … [Read more...]

Five Myths of Mainframe Capping


The mainframe operating system provides a mechanism that IT can use to limit the amount of resources that workloads use, and limit exposure to excessive IBM Monthly License Charge (MLC) costs. Defined Capacity, or capping, can be set at specific levels by IT, but the consequence is that when work reaches the cap, the operating system will not allow … [Read more...]

New World, New Tools: Transforming DB2 Data Management

Clouds in server room

The amount of data in digital systems worldwide is doubling every two years and, according to the Digital Universe Study from IDC, will reach 44 trillion gigabytes by 2020.  To put that growth into perspective, an article in Forbes reported that “more data has been created in the past two years than in the entire history of the human race.” Old … [Read more...]