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What Digital Change Means for the Mainframe

Almost every job interview I have had in my mainframe career included being asked “How do you embrace and handle change?”.  The answer, if I wanted to be considered for the position, was typically something along the lines of “Change is a constant and I embrace it.  I strive to be an agent of positive change in any organization I am part of,” or … [Read more...]

Killer LOBs – Your Data Is In Danger

It’s midnight. The LOBs are attacking your DB2 environment and it’s time to be afraid. Yes, be very afraid. LOBs – large objects – are big and have unique “personalities”. If LOBs could speak their minds they would tell you -  “We don’t have to follow the rules like structured data, so beware! We’re important because we store pictures, videos, … [Read more...]

Mainframe Innovation on Display at SHARE in Silicon Valley

Welcome to the future. This year, the always insightful SHARE winter event is landing in the home of innovation – Silicon Valley, California. All of the newest innovations from some of the leading mainframe ISVs will be on display to show how our beloved platform is still growing and advancing in its capabilities. This year, BMC is a proud GOLD … [Read more...]

Do You Know the Way to San Jose SHARE?

For some reason, I cannot get the tune out of my head.  Written by Hal David and Burt Bacharach and sung beautifully by Dionne Warwick.  Are you going to be at SHARE San Jose 2017 on March 5-10? We would enjoy talking with you while you are at the conference.   I promise there will no singing or humming! The world has changed significantly since … [Read more...]

What are you waiting for? Join us in Lisbon for IDUG EMEA 2017

I had never been as excited for an IDUG conference as I was last year. For the first time, IDUG EMEA was held in my home country and I was so proud and excited to host my esteemed colleagues there. And of course, as any host experiences, there was also a bit of anxiety. However, the event went off without a hitch and the spirit and enthusiasm of … [Read more...]

BMC Mainframe Survey Insights #2: Perception is Reality

This is the second in a five-blog series that covers key insights from BMC’s 11th Annual Mainframe Survey of over 1,200 executives and IT professionals. In this edition of my mainframe survey results blog series, we’ll dive into the topic of perception versus reality in regards to the mainframe and its future. Briefly put, when it comes to today’s … [Read more...]

Ode to the Mainframe – How do I love thee?

Today I am feeling romantic. In an odd sort of way…perhaps it’s more appreciative or idealistic about life, its blessings, our meandering paths, the path that brought me to Silicon Valley in the early 2000s, and the industry and technology that I have learned which has allowed me to thrive. I wanted to honor that feeling with a post of some random … [Read more...]