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Is the IBM Mainframe Really a Slow-Growth Market?


In a recent item on the TechTarget website1, CA’s head of Corporate Strategy and Development inferred that the mainframe is a “slow growth market” and that CA was struggling to see how innovation could drive further growth for them - acknowledging that this was despite the fact that “.... it (the mainframe) was strategic to our largest … [Read more...]

Three Reasons Why Analytics Help Eliminate False Alarms


Having to respond to false alarms can be very frustrating for mainframe IT. Your staff may not have the time or the expertise to set new thresholds when they’re needed. The thresholds that have previously been set up – perhaps many years ago — may be outdated and inaccurate. This can cause IT to waste time and effort in tracking down alerts only to … [Read more...]

Shedding Light on the Mainframe Skills Gap


Mainframe managers are worried – they are staring at a significant skills shortfall that will hit them in the next few years if it isn’t already presenting problems. The experienced technical personnel who manage and maintain the Mainframe and keep our critical business functions running 24 x 7 are getting older and retiring. While this happens in … [Read more...]

The Mainframe Survey Tells Us About Who We Are


The results from this year’s BMC annual mainframe survey are available, and they reveal some very interesting insights about our community and attitudes toward the platform. First, it’s obvious that the mainframe continues to grow - hosting more data, transactions, and databases again this year. And 91% of the respondents said that the mainframe … [Read more...]

5 Mainframe Myths Busted


Mainframes and millennials—is that an oxymoron? It doesn't seem like they are suited for each other but that's just one of the myths we've uncovered in our latest research. I'm sure by now you've heard it all – the mainframe is from another era, and won't be around for long; the mainframe is managed by a bunch of dinosaurs (that's just unfair); or … [Read more...]

Five Essentials for Proactive Automated Mainframe Operations


Ingredients matter, whether it’s related to pizza or automated operations. I know that pizza and automated operations don’t sound like they go together, but read on and you’ll discover the connection in this relationship and the importance of having the right ingredients for a successful experience – whether it pertains to food or to mainframe … [Read more...]