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IDUG EMEA is Right Around the Corner


We are extremely excited to have the opportunity to meet with so many DB2 industry professionals in Brussels, Belgium for IDUG EMEA 2016 Nov 13-17.  It seems only fitting that a major mainframe conference be held in a major center of international political and economic activity in the EU.  IDUG EMEA provides a great opportunity for our BMC team to … [Read more...]

Is Your House Smarter than Your Mainframe?


Is Your House Smarter than Your Mainframe? Smart homes, which use whole home automation, are decades ahead of their early predecessors — basic security alarms. That’s because they can manage the entire home, instead of just monitoring it. This capability is similar to how using highly intelligent systems management for digital business delivers so … [Read more...]

Jiving with Java™ 3: Full Disclosure!


In two previous blogs I examined the state of Java on the mainframe and explored some of the reasons organizations are adopting Java on z.  This blog drills into the challenges IT faces managing Java on the mainframe infrastructure. Conflict between Systems Management and Java Operation To understand the potential impact of Java, let’s begin … [Read more...]

The Digital Business Transformation is Here – Ready or Not!


    Today’s businesses are grappling with the continual onslaught of ever-growing data. The Internet of Things, proliferation of apps and data sources, the sheer speed of commerce, and the starburst effect that each digital transaction creates multiplied by each client worldwide, each device, on and on, second by second on a 24 hour … [Read more...]

Creating a Clear Window into DB2 with BMC SQL Performance for DB2


Banco BPI is one of the five largest Portuguese financial groups. We offer commercial banking services, investment banking, asset management, and insurance services within Portugal. The digital and mobile revolution has had a huge impact on the banking industry in recent years. Customers today expect online services accessible through a variety of … [Read more...]

Shared Savings – The Single Best Way to Acquire Mainframe Software


Today’s digital economy and turbulent climate of change is creating more challenges than we’ve ever seen. The perfect storm of rising customer demand  for access to your applications is colliding head-on with tighter resource constraints and rising costs. How can mainframe IT shops become more efficient and increase productivity without new tools … [Read more...]

Jiving with Java 2: BFF Java and the Mainframe


The BMC 2016 Annual Mainframe Research of over 1200 mainframe professionals revealed that fifty percent of respondents are running Java on the mainframe in production, and two-thirds of those running Java indicated its use has grown over the past two years (read my previous blog). So what is driving organizations to turn to a “modern” technology on … [Read more...]

Jiving with Java 1: IT Says Java on z is on the Rise


The perennial refrain of “the mainframe is dead” couldn’t be further from the truth, as confirmed by the BMC 2016 Annual Mainframe Research of over 1200 mainframe professionals.  Approximately 90% of respondents said the mainframe is a viable platform for the future (have said so for the last 11 years).  In fact, Java on z has helped put the … [Read more...]