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When Java Meets Uber

When Java Meets Uber

What makes Uber really appealing is that you can click on the app and request services at a moment’s notice.  When you use Uber you can see where the car is, when it’s on the way, and know – down to the minute – when the car will arrive. The Uber app even displays the vehicle’s license plate, type and color of car, and the name of the driver so … [Read more...]

What is on Your Mainframe Wish List?

BMC mainframe survey_3

If you had 3 wishes… how would you use them to improve your IBM mainframe environment? Each year, IBM mainframe customers have the chance to answer this question in the BMC Software Annual Mainframe Survey. BMC was founded on the principle of asking smart customers this question, listening to their answers, and then feeding that information … [Read more...]

IDUG 2016 Plans Include BMC Software Keynote Address


I am extremely excited to have so many DB2 industry professionals join us in Austin Texas for IDUG NA 2016 May 23-26.  As you may know, Austin is home to BMC Software’s R&D team that I am proud to lead.  IDUG in Austin provides a great opportunity for our team to spend time with you having good fun and great conversation.  Once again, BMC is … [Read more...]

The Mainframe as a Maestro

Why the Mainframe Is Like a Maestro

If you’ve ever watched a maestro guide musicians through a performance, you can appreciate how the timing of their individual actions blend to create an amazing, powerful experience. Without the maestro as a guide, the instruments would not be in sync and the sounds would be chaotic instead of melodic. The audience would lose interest and likely … [Read more...]

Recovery – Your Insurance Policy for Data Management

Recovery – Your Insurance Policy for Data Management-01

You wouldn’t buy a car or home without insurance. It’s required and you also need the protection in case of a disaster – a fire, an accident, or other problem. Failure to purchase a policy could have disruptive and negative consequences. You’d lose time and money and it would be very stressful. Now, take that same insurance concept and apply it … [Read more...]

BMC Software at IDUG Technical Conference in Austin


Howdy y’all! It's IDUG time! And this time its in the BMC backyard!  BMC is thrilled to once again be a Platinum Sponsor of IDUG NA 2016 in Austin, Texas – home of the BMC R&D team. The IDUG Technical Conference will take place May 23-26 at the Renaissance Austin Hotel.  IDUG is a great opportunity to see the latest technological … [Read more...]

Java – The Oregano in your Mainframe Garden

vines over this JAVA

It’s no surprise that the explosive growth of the digital economy is driving more mainframe organizations to develop Java applications. With consumer demand for instant service, always-available, high-performing applications, 93% of mainframe organizations surveyed by BMC said Java usage is growing or steady. In fact, many of the new applications … [Read more...]

It’s Not Your Daddy’s DB2! – Part 4


Data Structures and Other DDL Welcome to part 4 in our on-going series addressing the changing nature of DB2 for z/OS. Part 1 covered database and DBA trends; part 2 looked at changes with Universal table spaces; and part 3 discussed the role of LOBs with unstructured data. But there are other changes happening to DB2 data structures that impact … [Read more...]

Analyst Study: Forrester Concludes that Mainframe MLC Cost Reduction is a Priority in the Digital Economy


You know that the digital economy is truly exploding when you read about the proliferation of digital detox activities to train people to put down their electronic devices – even if it’s just for a short time – and stay present. Still, the digital economy isn’t going to slow down. And because the mainframe is at the heart of digital business, … [Read more...]