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DB2 Data Flood Emergency Planning 101


If you’ve ever experienced being caught in a flood, you may be familiar with the devastation that can happen if you’re not prepared. In cities, for example, streets can suddenly turn into rivers. Basements can overflow and become death traps. In those critical situations you may have enough time to move to higher ground and safety if you pay … [Read more...]

It’s Not Your Daddy’s DB2! – Part 6


Autonomics It is time for part 6 in our multi-part series describing why It’s Not Your Daddy’s DB2… So far we have examined industry and DBA trends (Part 1), the many database and management changes made to DB2 for z/OS (Parts 2, 3, and 4), and SQL and development trends (Part 5). Today we turn our attention to the way in which management tasks … [Read more...]

Don’t Get Burned: Why Summer is the Time for Mainframe Cost Analysis


Summer is here and it’s all about soaking up the sun. Even though we are advised to wear sunscreen every day, we have all tried to push our luck. Everyone has felt the sting of a bad sunburn and the instant, yet fleeting, relief of aloe vera on your skin. It all could’ve been avoided if only you’d applied sunscreen before stepping outside. Even … [Read more...]

It’s Not Your Daddy’s DB2! – Part 5

database blue

SQL and Development Trends Hello, and welcome back to It’s Not Your Daddy’s DB2… our series focusing on the changing world of DB2 for z/OS development and administration. We’ve already taken a look at the macro trends impacting the industry in Part 1; and in Parts 2, 3, and 4 we examined the multitude of database and management changes impacting … [Read more...]

Baseball and the Art of MLC Cost Management


It’s baseball season again – a time to watch your favorite teams and players compete. When each pro player is coming to bat, the scoreboard displays batting statistics to give you more insight into the player’s history and performance. Players can’t hide from the numbers. Metrics and predictability matter – both in baseball and in managing costs on … [Read more...]

Take Part in Forging Mainframe History

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Your Experience and Knowledge is Needed in the 11th Annual Mainframe Survey Big Iron Customers Can Take the Survey until June 6th Are you a mainframe executive or professional who wants to influence the next era of mainframe technology? On May 24th BMC launched its 11th Annual Mainframe Research Survey. This survey is one of the largest in … [Read more...]

When Java Meets Uber

When Java Meets Uber

What makes Uber really appealing is that you can click on the app and request services at a moment’s notice.  When you use Uber you can see where the car is, when it’s on the way, and know – down to the minute – when the car will arrive. The Uber app even displays the vehicle’s license plate, type and color of car, and the name of the driver so … [Read more...]

What is on Your Mainframe Wish List?

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If you had 3 wishes… how would you use them to improve your IBM mainframe environment? Each year, IBM mainframe customers have the chance to answer this question in the BMC Software Annual Mainframe Survey. BMC was founded on the principle of asking smart customers this question, listening to their answers, and then feeding that information … [Read more...]