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Mainframes have been critical to IT since the beginning and they are only becoming more important. Learn how to optimize mainframe costs and operations at the BMC Mainframe Blog.

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The $64,000 Question: Where Does Your Money Go in the Mainframe World?

Mainframe bill

If you work in an IT shop that has a mainframe, you’re probably aware of the fact that the budget gets squeezed—justly or unjustly—because of the enormity of the bill. Actually, if you added up the other systems, they would probably dwarf the mainframe bill; it’s just that, often times, mainframe billing gets lumped together as one line item, … [Read more...]

Data Management Best Practices: Six Essentials for Your Mainframe Team


Here we are in the year 2015, and you might be looking to assess your team’s plan and priorities for the rest of the year. This is a great time to take an open perspective and ensure your Data Management priorities align with industry best practices. By ensuring your team is tightly aligned with proven goals, you’ll increase your chance of … [Read more...]

Bringing IT and the Mainframe to Life

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The BMC Beat recently caught up with Jonathan Adams, vice president and general manager of Z Solutions & Select Technologies at BMC. Jonathan discusses highlights from a worldwide survey of 1,200 IT leaders which found that despite the mainframe’s perception as a legacy platform, customers who report that one of their top priorities is cloud, … [Read more...]

Are We There Yet with IT Cost Optimization?


The evolution of IT gradually shifted focus from the technology itself to the role technology should play as an asset to the organization.  One impetus for the shift has been expressed this way: “The good manager should not think of data processing as a technical sandbox in which to play, but as a resource which enables the company to earn a … [Read more...]

Mainframe Innovation on Display at BMC Engage

IT Data Analytics

At the BMC user conference, Engage, in Orlando, BMC unveiled to customers a unique ability to Bring IT to Life. By delivering on six digital business imperatives, IT services will directly impact the lives of their customers and employees. A core requirement for meeting the digital business imperatives is innovation, and BMC innovation for … [Read more...]

Ten Revealing Questions: Are You Optimizing Infrastructure and Cost?

Optimize Infrastructure

As IT navigates the hurdles of disruptive technologies and tectonic market changes, the efforts to make the most of infrastructure and reduce costs intelligently become digital business imperatives. Some in IT believe they have been optimizing for several years; others are on the journey to optimization. But what if both could get even better … [Read more...]

Mainframe’s Little Helper

With apologies to the Rolling Stones What a drag it is wasting cash… “Things are different today,” I hear everybody say. MLC charges are really just that high. But now there’s a way to save lots of money every day - When we’re acting very clever, using mainframe’s little helper. It will help us on our way – lower MLC today IT, please – … [Read more...]