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Another successful IDUG for BMC Software in Dublin Ireland


BMC Software was proud to be a Platinum Sponsor at this year’s IDUG EMEA, held in Dublin, Ireland.  What a great event!  DB2 and the mainframe are alive and well in EMEA.  Hundreds of attendees joined us from every industry, Automotive, Insurance, Financial Services, Banking etc.  There were great sessions on DB2 tips and tricks and about the … [Read more...]

BMC Confirms Dedication to DB2 on z Systems


It’s hard to believe we’re already in November, but the leaves are starting to change, the days are getting shorter, and the weather is cooling.  If you are a DB2 user in EMEA, it can mean only one thing…IDUG is upon us.  The annual IDUG DB2 Tech Conference will be held in Dublin on 15-20 November.  BMC is proud to confirm our dedication to this … [Read more...]

Gartner Report Discusses Need for Active Mainframe Cost Management


Gartner has released a tremendously helpful report on the mainframe and cost management, “How to Reduce the Cost of IBM Mainframe Computing.” The analyst firm cites three key issues that plague customers: mismanaged licenses, payments for license fees that don’t equate to value received, and budgeting and reporting processes that do not provide … [Read more...]

Avoid IT Horror Stories: 6 Mainframe Management Strategies


Houses that display jack-o-lanterns, giant spiders, and pictures of dancing skeletons remind us that Halloween is almost here and your enterprise better be ready. Really? Why? Well, Halloween, like other holiday and seasonal spikes, can be particularly scary if you’re not fully prepared for the explosive growth of transactions we’re seeing today, … [Read more...]

4 Reasons You Should Care About Your Mainframe


If you work in a moderately-sized company, you typically don’t spend much time thinking about your mainframe. You want to focus on the future and growth, not on the thing running decades-old applications in the background. Right? Actually, here are four critical reasons why you should care a whole lot about your mainframe if you’re in a … [Read more...]

Take the Wheel and Manage Mainframe MLC Costs

Take the Wheel and Manage Mainframe MLC Costs

Chances are that the last time you purchased a car, you looked at all the costs and features carefully as you considered the type of automobile you wanted. You needed to determine how many passengers it could carry. You might have thought about the price differences between buying and leasing. Other considerations impacted decisions around the … [Read more...]

Lighten Up! Lower Cost Mainframe Monitoring


What do a mainframe and light bulb have in common? A lot. Think about the light that’s in your office. What kind of light is it? Is it a florescent, LED, or high-efficient light bulb? Why does it matter? Cost. Someone years ago realized that the cost of running a regular incandescent bulb vs. a high-efficient bulb is significantly … [Read more...]

Mainframe Performance and Digital Business: A Perfect Storm

Mainframe Performance & Digital Business: A Perfect Storm

By now, you’re quite aware that today’s customers are sophisticated, tech-savvy, and have very high expectations when it comes to performance and access. Consumers expect everything to be connected, everything to have voice control, and everything to be available—now. Every product and service is moving towards becoming digital, creating massive … [Read more...]

5 Key Findings from BMC’s 2015 Mainframe Research: A Long-Term, Powerful Driver of the Digital Economy


This is the 10th year BMC has conducted a survey of mainframe professionals. The findings, based on feedback from more than 1,200 global respondents, confirmed what we’ve been hearing in a variety of different conversations with customers. The digital economy is making the mainframe more important than ever before. Key Finding #1. The Biggest … [Read more...]