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Is Your Organization a Digital Enterprise? Take the Test


In a recent seminar on mainframe systems management, attendees were asked if they worked for a digital enterprise.  Almost no one raised their hand.  Attendees worked for some of the most traditional industries – banks, insurance, telecoms, healthcare, manufacturing, retail and government – and all used mainframes as a key part of their IT … [Read more...]

Two Paths to a Better Mainframe


We live in a fascinating time. New mobile transactions are increasing at an exponential pace. Our beloved mainframes are making this all possible – without them, the transactions would not process at the pace we expect, would not be as secure as we need them to be, and costs would be prohibitive. But many of the new transactions that your mainframe … [Read more...]

Avoid Common Mistakes that Drive Up Mainframe MLC Costs


Summer is here and the year is almost half over. If you haven’t already, it’s a good time to re-examine your IT budget and see how it looks through 2016 and beyond. Because mainframe Monthly License Charge (MLC) costs represent about one-third of the typical mainframe budget, think about how much you can save by managing them more effectively. MLC … [Read more...]

DB2 Data Flood Emergency Planning 101


If you’ve ever experienced being caught in a flood, you may be familiar with the devastation that can happen if you’re not prepared. In cities, for example, streets can suddenly turn into rivers. Basements can overflow and become death traps. In those critical situations you may have enough time to move to higher ground and safety if you pay … [Read more...]

It’s Not Your Daddy’s DB2! – Part 6


Autonomics It is time for part 6 in our multi-part series describing why It’s Not Your Daddy’s DB2… So far we have examined industry and DBA trends (Part 1), the many database and management changes made to DB2 for z/OS (Parts 2, 3, and 4), and SQL and development trends (Part 5). Today we turn our attention to the way in which management tasks … [Read more...]