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What Happens When Big Data Becomes Bad Data?


Most competitive enterprises now use big data for business intelligence activities. For example, Facebook leverages its big data sets—in real time—to determine what ads to place in your sidebar while you’re checking your social feeds or updating your status. In another example, you probably receive emails from your service provider, such as … [Read more...]

IT Operations Analytics and the Power of Proactive Log Analysis

IT Operations Analytics

Remember having to package log files for IT to troubleshoot apps? Everything has changed. We now need complete visibility from anywhere. In the past, IT support received a trouble ticket from an unhappy end user and began troubleshooting the issue by asking the now, grumpier end user, to package their log files and send to the support center along … [Read more...]

Proactive End-User Experience Management: The ‘One to Many’ Approach


The evolution of all things digital is a topic we see revisited again and again. It is the platform from which we do business, interact with each other and engage with the world. It is truly ubiquitous in nature. As technology becomes increasingly ingrained into our daily lives, the underlying infrastructure – what makes all those applications and … [Read more...]

How to Unlock Enterprise IT Gridlock

Unlock Enterprise IT Gridlock

“We can get you a new virtual machine in about 6 weeks.” “Approval of a new data attribute is a standard 100 hours.” “One year and a million dollars.” How often do you find yourselves facing this conundrum? Why can coordinating resources between development and operations teams resemble Dhaka, Bangladesh (above) at rush hour? The reasons … [Read more...]

Beyond IT Silos: A Better Way to Manage Monitoring

IT Silos Part 3

In parts 1 and 2 of this series, we discussed the cultural challenges of operating IT in organizations with technology silos and considered the true role data centers play. In this final series post, we’ll look at how to realign monitoring operations to better support business goals. The emerging perspective on monitoring emphasizes the … [Read more...]

Customer Experience is a Top Business Priority for IT Operations

Customer Experience

Businesses must provide new value and experiences for customers to stay relevant, and now, more than ever, that includes making the leap to digital transformation. As this shift occurs, the line separating IT’s responsibility and the domain of the business is dissolving. I previously wrote about this on LinkedIn, “Application Delivery is Crucial to … [Read more...]

IT Silos: Why They’re a Bad Way to Organize IT

IT Silos Are a Bad Way to Organize IT

In part 1 of this series, we discussed the cultural challenges of operating IT according to technology silos. In today’s post, we’ll contemplate why technology silos are a legacy way to organize IT. What does a data center really do? If you’re a technologist, then your answer to this question is likely that the data center does many different … [Read more...]

IT Operations Best Practices for Optimizing the End User Experience


When we think about application performance management, we think of App Owners, App Development, and the people responsible for the care and feeding of the businesses’ application portfolio. What we don’t usually think about is IT Operations. We still think of IT Operations in their traditional role as guardians of the infrastructure, the first … [Read more...]

Does Your IT Organization Have Silo Myopia?


In over 20 years of working on IT infrastructure, I’ve been involved in any number of troubleshooting exercises. Some have been minor—the sort of thing where the network link in the conference room won’t come up, or perhaps someone’s printer is being fussy. Other issues have been more serious, such as a virus raging through the e-mail system … [Read more...]

How to Succeed With Service Impact Modelling


ITIL Service Modelling, or Service Impact Modelling, has been a buzz-word for a long time. It's a great concept and the benefits to the business are huge. But while many companies have tried to implement service modelling, most have failed. I've seen service modelling projects fail over and over again due to inadequate tools, manual processes, and … [Read more...]