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The Importance of DCIM as a Foundation for Effective SDDC


What is a Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC)?  Simply put: it is a secure facility where servers, networking devices, storage arrays, CPU, and security applications are virtualized and delivered as a service. Operators are seeking fully automated data centers of this type to achieve higher levels of scalability, flexibility, agility and … [Read more...]

The Business Case for TLS 1.2 for Monitoring Data Transactions


Transaction security is a big deal Transactions are the building blocks of user experience for every application, for every digital business, everywhere in the world. A transaction is a like a game of ping pong between a client and a server. It’s a back and forth succession of receiving and sending data that, when successfully executed, makes up a … [Read more...]

TrueSight Intelligence: Big Data Analytics For IT

TrueSight Intelligence Big Data Analytics For IT

The digital revolution touches every aspect of our lives. What we’re able to do with technology today is astounding.  With a tap, voice command or gesture, we can access and do virtually anything. But as an IT pro or digital leader, you know the impact of the digital revolution on IT isn’t as simple as a tap, voice command or gesture.  Since the … [Read more...]

What Hunches Will You Validate With Data in 2016?


For years, in IT, we have been very good at telling people what happened.  The tools and processes we’ve adopted as IT operations professionals, in central IT organizations, are designed to keep everything working while driving cost out of the equation.  We’ve served the business, with technology infrastructure, and when asked, we can most often … [Read more...]

Having Actionable Data All the Time for IT Operations


Decisions and Actionable Data for IT Operations Everyone in IT knows that data makes all the difference in making key decisions. Simply having the data is one thing. But what about having the actionable data you need right in front of you any time you need it? Managing IT services has gotten so complex that data streams of performance and … [Read more...]

IT Monitoring: The Second Is the New Minute


Modern applications dominate our daily actions from online reservations to transferring funds to purchasing merchandise to applying for a loan. These service apps must perform without delay, keeping in mind that the average time it takes for customers to abandon a web page has gotten much shorter over the years. As consumers, our expectations … [Read more...]