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IT Monitoring: The Second Is the New Minute


Modern applications dominate our daily actions from online reservations to transferring funds to purchasing merchandise to applying for a loan. These service apps must perform without delay, keeping in mind that the average time it takes for customers to abandon a web page has gotten much shorter over the years. As consumers, our expectations … [Read more...]

TrueSight Tech Short: What Is DevOps Anyway?

TrueSight Tech Short: What Is DevOps Anyway?

DevOps is a methodology, not a job function; it is a collaborative process for sharing the challenges faced by developers and operations engineers alike. There’s a trend to want to visualize and share the impact new code has on performance, and there’s a need for solutions that provide fine-grain visualization. In years past, developers often … [Read more...]

User Empowerment: Accelerating Innovation Without Jeopardizing Quality


HealthMEDX provides electronic medical records (EMR) solutions for long-term, post-acute, home care, and hospice providers. As vice president of infrastructure, one of my main objectives is to empower our end users—the physicians, nurses, clinicians, pharmacists, administrators, and executives who work at the facilities of our customers and their … [Read more...]

Big Data Analytics That Work Smarter, Not Harder


A friend of mine just opened a traditional brick and mortar business, reinvented on a digital foundation, and our conversations on this new venture frequently center on where to focus time and energy, when everything demands attention, all the time! I’ve come to realize that running a business in the digital economy, where everything is connected … [Read more...]

Digital Services: How Important Is the Need for Speed?

How important is the need for speed?

High-frequency trading (HFT) has become an interesting and controversial topic of discussion. And it’s a great example of how speed and agility are required for a competitive advantage in today’s digital economy. High-frequency trading is reliant entirely on computing speed with millions of dollars of daily revenue dependent on microseconds (a … [Read more...]

Tech Short: Real-time Monitoring and Visibility into Application Response Time

Tech Short: Real-time Monitoring and Visibility into Application Response Time

In today's environment, finding an issue before a user does is critical to drive revenue and keep customers happy. In order to do this, it is essential to have a pulse on application response times with fine-grain granularity. In addition, the DevOps movement to drive agile development and processes requires a need to understand the application … [Read more...]

SaaS Monitoring Benefits for DevOps, Web-Scale IT, and Bimodal Initiatives


The adoption of agile approaches to application delivery has fundamentally changed the way a lot of businesses now deliver solutions to end users—they roll out applications from development to production in increments that service end users much faster than ever before. The infrastructures that support these IT initiatives are far more fluid and … [Read more...]

Digital Service Analytics: The Key to Unlock IT’s Potential in the Digital Era


Actionable Insight at the Intersection of Data & the Digital Business The needs of the digital business fundamentally challenge the boundaries of traditional IT operations management. And the unprecedented role of technology in every aspect of a business’ value chain, creates an explosion of valuable, yet unharnessed data for IT organizations. … [Read more...]

The Zoo: What’s New in TrueSight Capacity Optimization 10.3?

The Zoo: What’s New in TrueSight Capacity Optimization 10.3?

Public and private clouds are now part of the IT resources in today’s modern data centers. But few organizations are prepared to plan and manage their use. The dynamic nature of clouds renders manual planning methods useless. Cloud services and their underlying infrastructure require a capacity management solution that provides visibility and … [Read more...]