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Tech Talent Social Coming to Mountain View

Tech Talent Social

BMC is experiencing explosive growth as we help IT transform digital enterprises for the ultimate competitive business advantage. From mainframe to distributed systems, from SaaS and Cloud to Mobile; global businesses rely on BMC Software to Bring IT to Life. As such, we are having an upcoming Invitation Only Tech Talent Social, where tech … [Read more...]

IT Data Analytics Has Arrived (Part 2): TrueSight Delivers End-to-End IT Operations Analytics (ITOA)


In my previous post, I introduced TrueSight IT Data Analytics and how it can help customers analyze ultra-large volumes of IT data. Customers can install and configure IT Data Analytics within hours and start analyzing the data stacks with complete records of user, application, and machine behaviors. In this post, I dive deeper into how the … [Read more...]

Gartner Data Center 2014: Infrastructure and Operations Conference

Gartner Data Center

This is the thirty-third year for Gartner Data Center, Gartner’s Infrastructure and Operations Management Conference. This year, 2800 attendees are expected from around the world, with over eighty sponsors and exhibitors, plus over fifty press and analysts. What can you expect to see on site? Here are the details. Where: Gartner Data Center The … [Read more...]

10 key takeaways from a successful public cloud implementation


During the past months I had the great pleasure to work with Mr. Ettore Spigno in my role of BMC executive sponsor for Telecom Italia. Mr. Spigno is  Senior Vice President for the Mercato division of Telecom Italia,  providing information and communication services to small, medium and large enterprises. The main focus of Mr. Spigno and his team is … [Read more...]

IT Data Analytics Has Arrived (Part 1)


  Truesight IT Data Analytics is a big data-ready solution built to enhance the IT Operations Analytics system With all the exponential changes brought on by technologies like cloud, mobility, BYOD, and the Internet-of-things, IT organizations are being challenged to meet service levels for applications in an increasingly more complex, … [Read more...]

Ten Revealing Questions: Are You Optimizing Infrastructure and Cost?

Optimize Infrastructure

As IT navigates the hurdles of disruptive technologies and tectonic market changes, the efforts to make the most of infrastructure and reduce costs intelligently become digital business imperatives. Some in IT believe they have been optimizing for several years; others are on the journey to optimization. But what if both could get even better … [Read more...]

IT Users of the Future

IT Tween: Future of IT

Every day, I live and breathe performance and availability solutions and how they relate to IT operations. As a Director, it’s my job to think about the big picture – the industry-level, big impacts (you know: E-commerce goes down, business revenue is lost, the news hits and stocks fall; that sort of thing). But this past weekend, I realized the … [Read more...]