The Digital Natives: How to Get Ready for Gen Z Workers

Just when companies thought they’d seen it all in self-absorbed social media-crazed Millennial workers, HR firms, and brand and marketing experts warn this is just the first wave. Gen Z workers will test the ability of many companies to be both seamlessly digital and yet surprisingly human and socially engaged. Dubbed a “Demographic Juggernaut,” … [Read more...]

Capacity Management for Organizational Growth

For the modern IT organization, capacity management is more important than ever! In their recently published “Market Guide for Capacity Management tools” report, Gartner predicts capacity management will play a critical role in fueling organizations growth. "Through 2018, more than 30% of enterprises will use IT infrastructure capacity management … [Read more...]

IT Management – the Power behind Digital Transformation

The Power behind Digital Transformation

I’m pretty sure that by now you are acutely aware of just how important IT management is to the success (or otherwise) of the new digital world. All of that shiny, miraculous technology and the new ways of working that come with it would grind to an ugly halt pretty quickly if people like you weren’t actively managing the related services. Your … [Read more...]

BYOD Spurs IT Innovation and Skill Set Advancements

BYOD IT Service and Support

  A recent survey by Forrester shows that up to 50% of workers feel that their IT service desk cannot support legitimate needs with today’s technology. Savvy workers want to rid themselves of extra devices and find easier solutions to problems. Facing an unproductive stall due to forms to fill out, antiquated interfaces, and long wait … [Read more...]

HBR Report: Customer Expectations Are Closing the Gap on the Digital “Geek Divide”

HBR McAfee whitepaper

Harvard Business Review partners with IT thought leader and author Andrew McAfee to deliver a rich assessment of the business and IT divide, and provides key tenets for how IT can deliver on the promise of digital transformation. In this report, McAfee discusses re-defining the role of the CIO as a business-focused leader who can develop a plan for … [Read more...]

7 Signs You’re a Digital Thriver

Whether your business is an established and trusted old friend or a scrappy and nimble start-up, your relationship to IT could make the difference of future growth or stagnation. Businesses that seamlessly integrate IT into everything they do are able to quickly and consistently adapt to the ever-changing IT landscape – and are better poised to … [Read more...]

Optimize Mainframe Costs: Bring Together Procurement and IT

A funny thing happened at the MLC Cost Reduction Workshop at BMC Engage in Orlando, which highlighted a way to optimize infrastructure and cost for mainframe systems. There were attendees at the workshop from procurement and from technical disciplines, such as capacity management, although they were not from the same companies. The workshop … [Read more...]

Are You a Survivor or a Thriver?

The Changing Role of the CIO Blends Technical Skills with Business Expertise For a CIO, the transformation of IT is a highly personal matter. While staffers throughout the IT organization must embrace new ways to deliver services, it’s the CIO who’s ultimately accountable for ensuring that IT drives real business value. In the past, it might have … [Read more...]