Building an IT Service Catalog: 7 Steps to Success (Part 1)


In this 2-part series, we’ll take a close look at what it takes to plan, create and deploy an IT Service Catalog. Whether you are delivering IT services to a large enterprise-level user community or small groups of independent users, the service catalog plays a critical role by acting as the common interface for users to access the products and … [Read more...]

Building an IT Network for a Remote Facility


Let’s assume your organization is expanding. It’s adding a new processing facility or distribution center. As the IT Operations (IT Ops) group, your job is to add this new location to your corporate network, so they can enter, process, and ship orders, as well as communicate with headquarters vendors, and customers. Where do you start, and how … [Read more...]

Google Natural Language API and Sentiment Analysis


Here we discuss Natural Language processing using the Google Natural Language API. Our goal is to do sentiment analysis. Definition Sentiment analysis means seeing whether what someone writes is positive or negative. Business can use this to look at Twitter, Yelp, or whoever offers a API and then change their marketing, practices, or even reach … [Read more...]

What is Stream Processing? Event Stream Processing Explained


As we continue to rely more and more on data that is generated from our phones, tablets, thermostats, and even cars, the need for it to be analyzed while still streaming only increases. One way that Internet of Things data can be evaluated while it is in motion is with event stream processing. For those in the IT community who utilize event stream … [Read more...]

The Follow-Through: How to Ensure Digital Transformation Endures


Issue 3 of the “Digital Transformation that Endures” blog series by Mark Gradwell So far, I’ve shared how to start digital transformation with a vision and then turn that vision into a strategy. Many organizations believe that’s enough, but for digital transformation to endure, you need the third leg of the stool – a means to sustain it. That … [Read more...]

What is Software License Management? SLM Explained

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Overall IT spending is on the rise and much of that is due to the #1 spending growth category: Software. IT spending on software grew by 8.6% in 2017 and is expected to continue leading IT spend growth in 2018 per recent Gartner reports. Researchers have found that the average cost of unused software within companies comes to about $259 per … [Read more...]

What is Bimodal IT? The State of Bimodal IT in 2018


In the 21st century, IT has pivoted significantly. Where it used to be one part of a successful business, IT is often both the backbone and the product of a successful business. With this significant shift, companies began to realize that not all functions of IT can be managed the same way, yet they remained unsure how to handle this divide. In … [Read more...]

IT Operating Models: 4 Examples for Digital Enterprises


Now more than ever, CIOs must revisit their operating models and look for ways to improve IT’s impact on the enterprise organization whether through full IT integration, partial integration, vendor collaboration or a stronger focus on quality and speed. Universal Drivers of Change in IT Operations CIOs today face new operational challenges as the … [Read more...]