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Proactive End-User Experience Management: The ‘One to Many’ Approach


The evolution of all things digital is a topic we see revisited again and again. It is the platform from which we do business, interact with each other and engage with the world. It is truly ubiquitous in nature. As technology becomes increasingly ingrained into our daily lives, the underlying infrastructure – what makes all those applications and … [Read more...]

BMC Remedyforce Spring ’15 for Efficient, Modern Service Management

spring release solo

BMC today announced Remedyforce Spring ’15 with productivity enhancements that deliver a streamlined, high-speed service management experience in the cloud. “Modern digital enterprises need a more dynamic and expansive approach to service management incorporating mobile, cloud, social, and Internet of Things,” said Robin Purohit, president … [Read more...]

Digital Service Management: A New Vision for ITSM


Human productivity in the age of the digital enterprise I have been on the road talking to hundreds of customers, and it seems nearly every company in every industry, geography, and size is actively thinking about how to become a digitally-oriented business. Every customer I meet with is now looking for a path to embrace the digital service … [Read more...]

The New BMC Support Central

Support Central - blog

To improve our customer’s online experience, we are launching a new BMC Support Central website on May 15th.  We have created a streamlined layout with new header and footer sections, pull down menus, and a new Issue Management section.  The new user interface is easy to use and provides quick access to the information and tools customers need … [Read more...]

How to Unlock Enterprise IT Gridlock

Unlock Enterprise IT Gridlock

“We can get you a new virtual machine in about 6 weeks.” “Approval of a new data attribute is a standard 100 hours.” “One year and a million dollars.” How often do you find yourselves facing this conundrum? Why can coordinating resources between development and operations teams resemble Dhaka, Bangladesh (above) at rush hour? The reasons … [Read more...]

3 Fundamental Requirements for Cloud Management Platforms


As companies embrace cloud adoption more pervasively—across both public and private cloud platforms—the required capabilities for cloud management platforms (CMPs) naturally evolve. Successful deployments by early adopters have brought some fundamental concepts to the forefront. First, cloud solutions need to reduce complexity; they need to … [Read more...]

Customer Experience is a Top Business Priority for IT Operations

Customer Experience

Businesses must provide new value and experiences for customers to stay relevant, and now, more than ever, that includes making the leap to digital transformation. As this shift occurs, the line separating IT’s responsibility and the domain of the business is dissolving. I previously wrote about this on LinkedIn, “Application Delivery is Crucial to … [Read more...]

IT Silos: Why They’re a Bad Way to Organize IT

IT Silos Are a Bad Way to Organize IT

In part 1 of this series, we discussed the cultural challenges of operating IT according to technology silos. In today’s post, we’ll contemplate why technology silos are a legacy way to organize IT. What does a data center really do? If you’re a technologist, then your answer to this question is likely that the data center does many different … [Read more...]

IT Operations Best Practices for Optimizing the End User Experience


When we think about application performance management, we think of App Owners, App Development, and the people responsible for the care and feeding of the businesses’ application portfolio. What we don’t usually think about is IT Operations. We still think of IT Operations in their traditional role as guardians of the infrastructure, the first … [Read more...]

Customer Voices: Spark Ventures’ Remedyforce Adoption


Spark Ventures is creating fantastic new digital experiences for its customers in New Zealand, and it has set up a number of exciting new businesses from video-on-demand to WiFi and cloud computing that all provide savings and quality service to its customers. The BMC Beat recently set down with Peter Yates, head of operations and platform delivery … [Read more...]