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This blog was created to share the insiders' view about what’s happening across BMC, including news, interviews and stories curated by our Global Communications team. Yes, we’ll talk about products from time to time, but our focus will be on the people and ideas and insights behind our business — and the dynamic markets where we play. We hope to make this a discussion, so share your feedback with us here and/or via Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook. Or you can hang with us on YouTube, SlideShare and Google+.

How do I Accelerate Getting Value Out of My Solution?


Every business and IT leader has business critical goals to achieve when they make an IT investment. Even further and often more daunting is being able to quickly demonstrate the value around it back to the company. After the acquisition process, the pressure is on to get the solution operational and functioning to specification. And the project … [Read more...]

No Man is an Island in IT


Despite a year in which England chose to separate from the European Union (aka, Brexit 2016), those of us in IT recognize another reality. Our technology world has everything to do with being connected together. For IT to succeed, there are business policies, compliance regulations, and most of all, other integrating technologies to manage through … [Read more...]

Finally, I Can See Reality – Making Good CIOs Great


Two recent Application Managed Services engagements that I participated in have brought to light one of the key characteristics I believe helps make good CIOs great – visibility into IT services. It’s not enough to know where you are doing well; it takes daily visibility and tracking across the good situations, the bad ones, and sometimes under the … [Read more...]

Is Your Education Ready for Digital Transformation?


Hardly a day goes by that we don’t hear about transformative IT, and with it comes a pressing need to master new technologies quickly. For organizations with teams of IT administrators, developers, and end users, transformative change places a heavy demand on training. Fortunately, times have changed since the days of whiteboards and classroom … [Read more...]

Building Security At The Speed Of Business


The Digital Transformation Playbook from BMC & PSFK Labs uncovers how companies need to utilize technology to enhance security, not just innovate their products Twenty-one percent of organizations suffered a security breach involving a mobile device in the past, primarily due to connections to shady Wi-Fi hotspots and malware, according to the … [Read more...]

New Tools Are Enabling Employees To Be Productive From Anywhere


The Digital Transformation Playbook from BMC & PSFK Labs looks at the secure set of technologies supporting workforce mobilization The globalized economy and the mobilization of daily life has changed the nature of work. Traditional eight-hour workdays and office environments have given way to an always-on model of communication with a … [Read more...]