Tom Vogel

Tom Vogel

Tom Vogel has enjoyed 25 years in the software industry, in various technical, marketing, and business development roles. At IBM Corporation, Tom managed product launches for various database products on all platforms. Previously, Tom managed the marketing and communications for a host of middleware software packages, such as OpenTV interactive TV software. At Automation Anywhere in San Jose, Tom was the Director of the ERP Business, managing Business Development and Marketing for the company's rapidly growing ERP process automation and testing automation solutions. Tom is experienced in building customer and partner relationships, and has an MBA from Santa Clara University. Today, Tom is the Lead Solutions Marketing Manager for innovative mainframe cost optimization and data management offerings at BMC Software.

Subsystem Placement and the Ultimate Workout for the Mainframe

In many ways, the things that motivate mainframe teams to optimize subsystem placement are analogous to many of the reasons why people exercise and focus on a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise can make you stronger, more flexible, improve balance and stability, and do much more to help you achieve better overall health, which can enhance your … [Read more...]

Shared Savings – The Single Best Way to Acquire Mainframe Software

Today’s digital economy and turbulent climate of change is creating more challenges than we’ve ever seen. The perfect storm of rising customer demand  for access to your applications is colliding head-on with tighter resource constraints and rising costs. How can mainframe IT shops become more efficient and increase productivity without new tools … [Read more...]

Avoid Common Mistakes that Drive Up Mainframe MLC Costs

Summer is here and the year is almost half over. If you haven’t already, it’s a good time to re-examine your IT budget and see how it looks through 2016 and beyond. Because mainframe Monthly License Charge (MLC) costs represent about one-third of the typical mainframe budget, think about how much you can save by managing them more effectively. MLC … [Read more...]

Don’t Get Burned: Why Summer is the Time for Mainframe Cost Analysis

Summer is here and it’s all about soaking up the sun. Even though we are advised to wear sunscreen every day, we have all tried to push our luck. Everyone has felt the sting of a bad sunburn and the instant, yet fleeting, relief of aloe vera on your skin. It all could’ve been avoided if only you’d applied sunscreen before stepping outside. Even … [Read more...]

Baseball and the Art of MLC Cost Management

It’s baseball season again – a time to watch your favorite teams and players compete. When each pro player is coming to bat, the scoreboard displays batting statistics to give you more insight into the player’s history and performance. Players can’t hide from the numbers. Metrics and predictability matter – both in baseball and in managing costs on … [Read more...]

Take Part in Forging Mainframe History

Your Experience and Knowledge is Needed in the 11th Annual Mainframe Survey Big Iron Customers Can Take the Survey until June 6th Are you a mainframe executive or professional who wants to influence the next era of mainframe technology? On May 24th BMC launched its 11th Annual Mainframe Research Survey. This survey is one of the largest in … [Read more...]