Shawn Jaques

Shawn Jaques

Shawn recently joined BMC as Director of Marketing for cloud solutions and devOps. Prior to BMC, Shawn spent over 14 years at IBM in a variety of marketing, product management and strategy roles, most recently focusing on hybrid cloud and open technologies such as OpenStack, Cloud Foundry, and Docker. Prior to IBM, Shawn worked in strategic consulting and financial auditing for Cap Gemini and KPMG. Shawn has an MBA from The University of Texas at Austin and a B.S. from the University of Montana. He lives in Colorado and is a fitness and outdoor enthusiast.

4 Use Cases to Automate the Gap with Service Process Orchestration

If you are an IT professional, you probably don’t need convincing of the benefits of automation. In fact, you probably have several tools in your environment that are delivering automation of one form or another right now. For many organizations, enterprise software tools for things such as configuration management, service desk management or IT … [Read more...]

Cloud Security Trends to Watch in 2017

We all know that cloud use keeps getting bigger, which puts greater pressure on organizations to beef up their IT security and achieve greater control over this explosive growth.. How big is this growth? According to a leading industry analyst, the public could services market will grow 17 percent in 2016 and reach $208.6 billion, with IT … [Read more...]

Four Essential Tips for Cloud Security

The frenetic pace and growth of digital business impacts the way companies are using the cloud to reduce costs, increase agility, and deliver services faster.  At the same time, news of security breaches are becoming commonplace, impacting the brand equity of organizations. Security is not only seen as a threat to cloud initiatives – it’s also an … [Read more...]

Service Desk Automation as the Ultimate Universal Remote Control

Picture this. You’re sitting comfortably on the couch, ready to enjoy some snacks and watch your favorite program. You grab one remote and turn on the TV. But your viewing experience requires multiple remotes to operate the TV, DVR, and sound system.  Unfortunately, the cable remote is nowhere to be found. After a few minutes of searching, you … [Read more...]

A Look at Trends in DevOps, Continuous Delivery, and the Cloud

How well your DevOps teams collaborate can make a big impact on digital business and your company’s bottom line. In fact, according to research by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), companies that rated their DevOps interactions as excellent or above average were more than 10 times as likely to have experienced double-digit revenue growth … [Read more...]

Today’s Enterprises Need Application-Centric Clouds

Organizations that aren’t able to move quickly to address customer needs or competitive threats, risk customer and business loss to more agile competitors.  Examples of digital disruptors replacing long standing business models usually include companies like Uber taking on Taxis or Netflix taking on video rentals, but it really transcends … [Read more...]

BMC Software at Cloud Expo 2016 in NY

BMC is thrilled to be a Silver Sponsor of Cloud Expo 2016. This year marks SYS-CON's 18th annual Cloud Computing Expo, which will take place June 7-9 at the New York Javits Center. This compelling, world-class conference is one of the premier industry showcases on the East Coast and features the brightest, most well-respected thought leaders and … [Read more...]

Advantages of Cloud Computing: 5 Benefits

There are plenty of articles and blogs extolling the benefits of Cloud computing such as: ubiquitous access, unlimited scale and pay only for what you use. However, in this blog, I wanted to focus on the cloud computing advantages that our customers are actually realizing from their cloud computing efforts.  These aren’t promised benefits, they are … [Read more...]

Is OpenStack a Cloud Management Platform?

Thinking about using OpenStack for your cloud?  You aren’t alone.  On the heels of the OpenStack Summit in Tokyo, I thought it would be a good time to look at OpenStack and try to clarify some of the confusion.  Is OpenStack a Cloud Management Platform (CMP)?  Why would I need a CMP if I have OpenStack? Do containers (e.g. Docker) or other … [Read more...]