Peter Chargin

Peter Chargin

I'm the Senior Director of Solutions and Product Marketing for BMC Datacenter Automation and Cloud. I've been working in software products for enterprise customers longer than I care to admit (more than 20 years - ouch!). I'm currently responsible for all product and solutions marketing activities for the DCA, Cloud and DevOps products at BMC. Previously, I've had similar roles HP Software and Mercury in the Application Management, Service Management, and Automation product lines. I've also been involved in some great startups and have always concentrated on working with the software development and IT operations teams in the companies I serve. I love bringing together the customers and product teams to help solve important problems.

Morningstar’s Cloud Transforms the Business

Morningstar is the 2014 BMC Cloud Innovator of the Year

Adopting new technologies and integrating them with its product offerings is almost an obsession at Morningstar, Inc. However, Andrew Watts, Morningstar’s IT director, makes it clear that Morningstar isn’t interested in technology for technology’s sake. Before embracing any new technology, IT always asks two questions: What will this new … [Read more...]

Standing Out in the Crowd: How SAP Makes Compliance and Security in the Cloud a Competitive Weapon

BMC Compliance Innovator of the Year Winner

Businesses love the idea of the cloud. The ability to tap the power of enterprise software from a company like SAP without the cost, time and effort of implementing, managing and maintaining it on premises is quite appealing. But SAP found that CIOs were more than a little worried about IT security and compliance. SAP customers want to be … [Read more...]

Sony Proves Times Have Changed for Security Professionals

Cyber attacks can be devastating to a business

It used to be the case that when you thought of Sony, you thought of movies, entertainment and high end electronics. No longer. If you’re in IT, or if you are a business executive, Sony will probably bring to mind security problems, which shows that the challenges of maintaining cyber security are now part of the mainstream public … [Read more...]