Patrick Campbell

Patrick Campbell

Patrick T. Campbell has spent his 20+ year career equally between Application and Network Performance Management and K-12 Education. As a Technical Marketing Engineer, he began his career in IT at InfoVista as a Technical Trainer, followed by Raytheon Solipsys, OPNET Technologies (Riverbed Technology), and now BMC Software. In K-12 Education, he taught mathematics at Drew College Preparatory School for seven years and then worked at the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) as a Mathematics and Science Professional Development Program Co-Director for International Teacher-Scholars from Egypt for another two. Passionate about learning, he has presented at OPNETWORK and at NAIS Teacher Conferences. Patrick received a B.S. in Industrial and Management Systems Engineering from Penn State, and has a Master’s Degree in Human Resource and Behavioral Science from Johns Hopkins University.

Self-Service IT Thrives in the Clouds

IT services now sprawl from a wider range of resources to a wider range of audiences in most digital business environments—thanks to the cloud.  A lot of IT services are now offered with just three or four clicks on the Internet and a credit card to make it easier than ever. For example, let’s take a group of developers who have been tasked to … [Read more...]

Having Actionable Data All the Time for IT Operations

Decisions and Actionable Data for IT Operations Everyone in IT knows that data makes all the difference in making key decisions. Simply having the data is one thing. But what about having the actionable data you need right in front of you any time you need it? Managing IT services has gotten so complex that data streams of performance and … [Read more...]

IT Monitoring: The Second Is the New Minute

Modern applications dominate our daily actions from online reservations to transferring funds to purchasing merchandise to applying for a loan. These service apps must perform without delay, keeping in mind that the average time it takes for customers to abandon a web page has gotten much shorter over the years. As consumers, our expectations … [Read more...]

SaaS Monitoring Benefits for DevOps, Web-Scale IT, and Bimodal Initiatives

The adoption of agile approaches to application delivery has fundamentally changed the way a lot of businesses now deliver solutions to end users—they roll out applications from development to production in increments that service end users much faster than ever before. The infrastructures that support these IT initiatives are far more fluid and … [Read more...]

Virtualization Management Strategies & Benefits

Don’t Accelerate IT and Have Your Virtualization Strategies Backfire Virtualized computing environments have become the norm for many business processes. At a minimum, most small companies rely on cloud-based applications for email, web, and banking services. If you don’t have some form of virtualization, chances are you’re running a small … [Read more...]

What Happens When Big Data Becomes Bad Data?

Most competitive enterprises now use big data for business intelligence activities. For example, Facebook leverages its big data sets—in real time—to determine what ads to place in your sidebar while you’re checking your social feeds or updating your status. In another example, you probably receive emails from your service provider, such as … [Read more...]

IT Operations Analytics and the Power of Proactive Log Analysis

IT Operations Analytics

Remember having to package log files for IT to troubleshoot apps? Everything has changed. We now need complete visibility from anywhere. In the past, IT support received a trouble ticket from an unhappy end user and began troubleshooting the issue by asking the now, grumpier end user, to package their log files and send to the support center along … [Read more...]