Jason Frye

Jason Frye

I serve as the Vice President of Digital Innovation for ITSM at BMC, and as such have a strong passion for technologies and strategies that bridge the historic industrialization of IT with a modern consumerized, user-centric IT experience. I have recently co-lead the innovation, development and go-to-market for our award winning, leading-edge app, MyIT, which empowers employees to take control of their IT experience. Previously, I was responsible for all technical marketing functions across BMC's Enterprise Service Management portfolio and was the Sr. Product Manager for BMC's Cloud Lifecycle Management solution.

Digital Enterprise Management: IT’s Epic Challenge…and Opportunity

We are entering an era where the technology curve we all live on is moving so quickly that the timeframe for development, deployment, and adoption of digital services is now measured in days, rather than weeks or months. The expanding consumerization of IT has vast implications for IT service providers, particularly for those operating at the … [Read more...]

How Digital Innovation is Driving the Modern Service Desk

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A few weeks ago, I met with one of our large retail banking customers.  During this meeting we discussed how important it was for the bank and its 100,000+ employees to have a modern, innovative, user-friendly experience when interacting with I.T.  Their desire to deliver innovation for their employees is rooted in a requirement to drive concurrent … [Read more...]

Want Personalized Service Delivery? #MyIT

The technology people use in their everyday lives is very user-friendly. They can quickly download a movie, purchase an airline ticket, or check their bank accounts online. The processes for conducting these personal transactions are simple and straightforward. In many ways, however, these experiences contrast with their technology experiences at … [Read more...]

Humanizing Enterprise IT

IT Transformation

As an IT industry leader and enterprise software vendor for the past 30 years, we’ve partnered with some of our most progressive customers on digital transformation projects.  Recognizing the need for a business-focused approach to IT service management, one that aligns business objectives with IT from strategy through operations, we continue to … [Read more...]