Iqbal Singh

Iqbal Singh

Executing a Successful Free Trial

Poorly executed Free Trials will backfire. Just posting a link on a website is not enough. In this blog post, we will explore the additional ingredients needed to rolling-out a successful Free Trial. Select the Right Product The best product for a Free Trial is high-quality, simple and easy to install and use, and provides fast and easily … [Read more...]

Proprietary Software FREE! Are You Insane?

Historic Perspective The concept of offering proprietary software for free (totally or for trial) has been around for decades. Historically, terms like trialware, demoware or shareware have been used. Shareware was very common in the 1980s. It was a concept through which independent software writers received gratification, and in some cases, a … [Read more...]

IT Data Analytics Has Arrived (Part 1)


  Truesight IT Data Analytics is a big data-ready solution built to enhance the IT Operations Analytics system. With all the exponential changes brought on by technologies like cloud, mobility, BYOD, and the Internet-of-things, IT organizations are being challenged to meet service levels for applications in an increasingly more complex, … [Read more...]

Who Says Corporate Behemoths Can’t Innovate? (Part 3)

In this final installment of the corporate innovation blog series, we’ll take a look at why it’s important for innovators to anticipate and fulfill needs by aligning their development agendas to market insights, and how this leads to business growth. Business Innovation vs. Technology Innovation Innovative organizations always have several … [Read more...]

Who Says Corporate Behemoths Can’t Innovate? (Part 2)

In my previous blog post, I discussed how large companies innovate by creating a culture of intrapreneurship – entrepreneurship encouraged with an organization. In the second part of this series, we’ll dive into how businesses balance the need to adopt changes and develop a mindset for disruptive technologies. Bottom-Up and Top-Down Changes … [Read more...]

Who Says Corporate Behemoths Can’t Innovate? (Part 1)

IT strategy, Consumerization

Innovation, once a depiction of all that is ground-breaking, modern, and uniquely suited to addressing real-world problems, has become the overused, tired mantra of the business world. Though difficult to spot through the marketing whitewash, true innovation is very much alive today, especially in the high-tech industry. This isn’t only true of … [Read more...]