Jay Lipovich

Jay Lipovich

G. Jay Lipovich is a Principal Product Manager for mainframe systems management and cost optimization at BMC Software. He has many years’ experience in the design and development of strategies and solutions for infrastructure and data management. This includes design strategy and performance evaluation for a mainframe hardware vendor; infrastructure performance consulting for industry and US government agencies; and design and development of strategies and solutions for infrastructure management solutions. He has published numerous articles in trade journals defining approaches to infrastructure performance management and cost optimization. Mr. Lipovich is ITIL Foundation and CDE certified.

Five Myths of Mainframe Capping

The mainframe operating system provides a mechanism that IT can use to limit the amount of resources that workloads use, and limit exposure to excessive IBM Monthly License Charge (MLC) costs. Defined Capacity, or capping, can be set at specific levels by IT, but the consequence is that when work reaches the cap, the operating system will not allow … [Read more...]

Jiving with Java 4: Java™ is in the House and Playing Nice

As discussed in Jiving with Java 1, 2 and 3, Java offers agility and faster time to market while lowering mainframe costs. IT need to evolve their monitoring practices and tools to include Java on z. Without integrated monitoring that includes Java Environments, it is only a matter of time before Java applications will cause significant services … [Read more...]

Jiving with Java™ 3: Full Disclosure!

In two previous blogs I examined the state of Java on the mainframe and explored some of the reasons organizations are adopting Java on z.  This blog drills into the challenges IT faces managing Java on the mainframe infrastructure. Conflict between Systems Management and Java Operation To understand the potential impact of Java, let’s begin … [Read more...]

Jiving with Java 2: BFF Java and the Mainframe

The BMC 2016 Annual Mainframe Research of over 1200 mainframe professionals revealed that fifty percent of respondents are running Java on the mainframe in production, and two-thirds of those running Java indicated its use has grown over the past two years (read my previous blog). So what is driving organizations to turn to a “modern” technology on … [Read more...]

Jiving with Java 1: IT Says Java on z is on the Rise

The perennial refrain of “the mainframe is dead” couldn’t be further from the truth, as confirmed by the BMC 2016 Annual Mainframe Research of over 1200 mainframe professionals.  Approximately 90% of respondents said the mainframe is a viable platform for the future (have said so for the last 11 years).  In fact, Java on z has helped put the … [Read more...]

Is Your Organization a Digital Enterprise? Take the Test

In a recent seminar on mainframe systems management, attendees were asked if they worked for a digital enterprise.  Almost no one raised their hand.  Attendees worked for some of the most traditional industries – banks, insurance, telecoms, healthcare, manufacturing, retail and government – and all used mainframes as a key part of their IT … [Read more...]

Java – The Oregano in your Mainframe Garden

It’s no surprise that the explosive growth of the digital economy is driving more mainframe organizations to develop Java applications. With consumer demand for instant service, always-available, high-performing applications, 93% of mainframe organizations surveyed by BMC said Java usage is growing or steady. In fact, many of the new applications … [Read more...]

Mainframe Cost Reduction 101

Lower your mainframe MLC costs and fund IT innovation projects instead. It’s such an exciting time to be in IT. New technologies and usage models demand that companies transform the way they deliver services to drive success in the digital enterprise. Think about it. Social platforms expand collaboration. Mobility provides unprecedented … [Read more...]

What Will the Apple Watch Mean for Your IBM Mainframe?

Are you working for a digital enterprise?  Before answering, you might ask, “What is a digital service?” Here is a definition developed through conversations with businesses, government organizations, thought leaders and industry analysts: “Digital services are mobile-first applications that are intuitive and intelligent, bringing contextual … [Read more...]