Duane Wente

Duane Wente

Duane Wente is an IMS Consultant with extensive BMC Software and prior customer experience. He has helped many large BMC customers over the last 20 years understand, implement, and exploit BMC IMS solutions. He has worked with accounts on IMS discovery, disaster recovery, database performance, and tuning engagements.

Prior to moving to the Software Consulting organization Duane was involved in many successful IMS product development projects. These projects included IMS database compression, IMS database reorganization, IMS backup and recovery, and IMS fast path solutions. These research and development efforts spanned a 13-year period.

Duane holds a Bachelor’s in Management Information Systems from the University of Houston.

A New Way to Shine a Light on IMS


For decades, IMS has been running the global economy. The hierarchical database management system is labeled as archaic by some, but nothing could be further from the truth. As we approach August of this year, IMS will turn 50 years old and should be celebrated. IBM and BMC have been doing a spectacular job of ensuring that IMS customers are … [Read more...]