Clifton Teate

Clifton Teate

With a passion for technology for business solutions, Clifton Teate utilizes his expertise to educate customers to help their workplaces run more smoothly on a daily basis. Clifton has been developing and implementing practical technical software in regards to CRM, ITSM, and ERP ticketing systems for over 15 years. Although hired by his company to produce Systems Operations Solutions as a Manager within his organization, Clifton finds great joy in his profession and shares his love for his career with the people he works with.

Over the past decade, Clifton has become highly knowledgeable about ticketing systems that have gone from complex on-site network- based solutions to cloud-based solutions. He has remained steadfast in helping customers see the big picture by wearing many hats to ensure success on each project. Clifton adds great value to the Hosted Infrastructure Solutions team and takes the time to confer with and educate his customers to develop the best approach for implementing changes within each organization.

Clifton possesses a natural calmness within his demeanor, which allows him to bring organization, encouragement, creativity, and trustworthiness to each situation. He is a strong asset to his team, and he is extremely knowledgeable about Remedyforce.

It is with great pleasure that Clifton Teate will be sharing his expertise, insight, and know-how about this product at BMC Engage. As a BMC Customer Advocate, Clifton will educate us on the uses and benefits of this system while taking the time to answer questions to ensure a strong understanding of our options while using Remedyforce.

When not managing projects and doing training, Clifton Teate enjoys spending time with his three sons ages 17, 12, and 9. His most memorable moments with his family include exploring nature, participating in local activities, and attempting to beat his boys at the latest video games.