How SecOps Response Service Addresses WannaCry Ransomware

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So, CVE-2017-0144, a vulnerability that was identified about two months ago (published Mar 16 2017), is now being widely exploited in the wild, most visibly impacting hospitals in the UK’s National Health Service to the point that they’ve had to redirect incoming patients to other facilities. This … [Read more...]

Is It Time To Modernize Your IT Service Management Solution?


When software companies merge, it can create uncertainties for customers. With any merger, there can be concerns about how this might impact commitments to existing products, the combined company’s focus on new product innovation, and the ability to provide consistent quality in customer support. Many organizations that are impacted by a merger … [Read more...]

How To Build Better Virtualization Strategies


Thinking of virtualizing your infrastructure? Just launched a virtualization project? There are many benefits to virtualizing, but the complexity involved in rolling out these initiatives can be overwhelming for IT Operations. Virtualization is the fastest way to get started with your infrastructure and bring solutions to market. Enterprises use … [Read more...]

4 Reasons to Consider Switching to a Modern Service Desk


When software companies merge, like other businesses, it can create opportunities as well as uncertainties for customers. The ITSM space is really crowded with many vendors promising to deliver a great service desk experience. But not all vendors are the same. Leading IT organizations are seeking vendors committed to delivering excellence in … [Read more...]

The Hidden “Agility Tax” and How To Avoid It


Business agility takes many forms. Manufacturers now divert supply chain items at the last minute to maximize factory output. Finance departments track and adjust spend in near real time. Marketing organizations launch competitive promotions within days of their conception. These are just a few examples of how crucial agility has become for success … [Read more...]

The Digital Natives: How to Get Ready for Gen Z Workers


Just when companies thought they’d seen it all in self-absorbed social media-crazed Millennial workers, HR firms, and brand and marketing experts warn this is just the first wave. Gen Z workers will test the ability of many companies to be both seamlessly digital and yet surprisingly human and socially engaged. Dubbed a “Demographic Juggernaut,” … [Read more...]

Five Ways to Overcome Digital Workplace Hurdles


The price of of digital business incompetence is real and growing. The Gartner Group predicts a quarter of businesses will lose their competitive ranking by 2017, succumbing to competitive business models and talent drain. Digitally savvy Millennials will comprise three quarters of the workforce in just fifteen years. They demand mobility, constant … [Read more...]