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Advantages of a Well-Managed Microsoft Azure Strategy

Azure Hybrid Cloud
Andy Spiers
by Andy Spiers
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Azure Hybrid Cloud

Last week a hectic schedule of  European travel included updating some of BMC’s Global Outsourcers and System Integrators (GOSI) Partners on our IT transformation strategy including:

  • MyIT – Empowering end users
  • Smart IT – the next generation BMC Remedy IT Service Management user experience
  • TrueSight – Superior IT analytics. Critical insight. Predictive performance.
  • and the latest Cloud Lifecycle Management release, BMC Demystifies Hybrid Cloud for the Enterprise.

On the last of these topics, there was much discussion of the public cloud marketplace, including Microsoft Azure. I also had the chance to join an informative Microsoft briefing, in the UK, on Transformation of the Data Centre (with Hybrid Cloud).

From the session it was clear how the vast array of service offerings, for

  • Infrastructure
  • Modern Applications
  • Data Insight
  • and Identity & Access

..along with the Hyper-Scale of Azure delivered by Microsoft, makes a very attractive proposition, as part of a company’s overall Hybrid Cloud Strategy.

Also the extensive support through partners, locally such as Kelway and with global coverage such as that by TCS adds great value. These partners provide implementation, operational delivery and Value Added Services for Azure.

Given the continued price reductions of public cloud, there will continue to be further rapid adoption and building on the vast base of exist Cloud OS usage. The challenge for many organizations though is how to take advantage of these great resources and gain the business benefits rapidly and ongoing.

Everyone is racing to the cloud for fast, flexible, and powerful digital services. However, setting up a cloud worthy of your investment is easier said than done.

That should be a fast, reliable, and adaptable cloud. A cloud that can adapt as your business changes and grows. Your cloud needs to be up and running fast, to quickly realize the value from the investment and yet enable scaling from simple to complex needs to  give you the power to transform your entire digital enterprise.

That is to Build the Right Cloud, Quickly, i.e. a Trusted Cloud that can speedily take full advantage of Microsoft Azure (and other cloud resource providers) is essential.  For cloud initiatives to be successful, they must integrate into existing successful IT Service Management (ITSM) processes.

A Trusted Cloud requires Intelligent Compliance, a new approach that transforms configuration compliance from an activity that is exhausting, risky and incomplete into one that is routine, secure and comprehensive.

BMC has the history of Strategic Alliance with Microsoft, providing management solutions for Microsoft technologies including Windows, SQL Server, Exchange, SharePoint and now Azure, as announced earlier this year, BMC Software and Microsoft Azure Simplify Cloud Management, Accelerate Delivery of Digital Services.

To quickly make use of your Azure capacity, we can take your business from zero to cloud in less than a week and reduce service delivery costs by 30% or more.

  • Deliver optimized cloud services—from infrastructure to agile applications.
  • Automate IT processes to drive cloud compliance and mitigate risk.
  • Maintain friction-free choice with broad support for physical, virtual, and public platforms.

To discover more details on this please review

You’ll then realize the value of a cloud: Fast. Built to last, as many customers have already done as highlighted by Chris Keene

Follow further Alliance announcements and discussions to come, later this year, here:

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Andy Spiers

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