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Transforming I&O for Digital Business Success with Proactive Service Resolution by BMC Helix

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Antonio Vargas

The digital economy has no tolerance for uncertainty. When a problem arises, you’ve got to know what’s causing it, who’s best qualified to fix it, and what its impact might be on customers and your business—and every second counts. With competitors just a click away, and employees relying on critical business services to drive productivity and innovation, even a minor delay can trigger a cascade of negative consequences. Meanwhile, the rising complexity of multi-cloud IT and day-to-day operations drives cost, risk, and waste ever higher.

Imagine trying to face this critical challenge armed with nothing more than siloed tools, manual processes, limited visibility, and fragmented Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) teams. A few statistics paint a picture that’s all too familiar to many organizations:

  • End users are the first to know about an issue 80% of the time—once it’s already impacting customers and the business (BMC Software customer research).
  • 42% of enterprise IT departments report that they’re understaffed—and 29% say they can’t function properly as a result (Robert Half Technology).
  • An hour of downtime for a critical application can cost a business an average of $300,000 (Gartner).

Now imagine a better way to meet the challenges of digital business. What if the barriers were removed between IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Operations Management (ITOM) teams so they could collaborate seamlessly to resolve and prevent issues before they impact customers? What if you could have complete, end-to-end visibility across your entire environment, with an understanding of the relationships between assets and the services they power? What if you could identify root causes, route tickets, and perform remediation more quickly and accurately than you ever thought possible? What if you could even automate remediation to reduce IT costs and Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)?

BMC Helix reimagines I&O to help organizations achieve new levels of efficiency, speed, and innovation. Natively integrated, industry-leading ITSM and ITOM capabilities bridge the gap between these teams and enable close collaboration through shared visibility, cognitive automation, and seamless workflows. Acting as a single, cohesive entity, ITSM and ITOM can take a proactive and efficient approach to service resolution that makes it possible to:

  • Reduce the number of tickets in the queue by resolving issues before they affect users and customers, and by consolidating tickets that share the same causal event.
  • Route tickets right the first time to speed resolution, eliminate redundant work, and solve problems with fewer people.
  • Prioritize issues based on their business impact so you’re always addressing the most critical issues first.
  • Improve service availability to increase customer satisfaction and employee productivity while avoiding the high cost of outages.

More than just an incremental upgrade, BMC Helix is a powerful new way to provide a scalable, future-proof foundation for successful digital operations. We’re excited to be launching this new solution for our customers and we’re eager to see it help enterprises transform the unknowns to knowns. Learn more about delivering Proactive Service Resolution with BMC Helix in our white paper, “Transforming I&O for Digital Business Success with Proactive Service Resolution by BMC Helix”—and discover a better way to support your organization.

Proactive Service Resolution with BMC Helix: Transforming I&O for Digital Business Success

Proactively discover, monitor, service, and remediate issues before they occur with BMC Helix

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About the author

Antonio Vargas

Antonio Vargas is a Principal Product Manager for BMC Helix Discovery. In this role, Antonio is responsible for gathering requirements and feedback from customers, sales, engineering, support, and R&D to shape future releases of BMC Helix Discovery. Antonio joined in January 2016 and was previously a customer of BMC Software. He has a wealth of experience with BMC Helix Discovery deploying over 600+ App Models and discovering consistently 95+% of infrastructure (Servers, Network Devices, etc.) for his previous company. He is also a subject matter expert in the BMC Atrium CMDB, with 28 service models configured and integrated to monitoring, SIEM, analytics, DevOps, asset management, and portfolio management solutions.