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SCM Conversion: Why Not Use the Best?

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Mark Schettenhelm

The thought of converting from an existing Source Code Management (SCM) tool to another can seem very risky and frightening. But, as in most things in life, once you look at it and confront the details it is nowhere near as daunting as it first appeared.

That Was Then, This Is Now

First thoughts might turn back to the install of your current tool. That might have been a difficult and painful process, but that was then. BMC Compuware ISPW is designed with conversions in mind, and we have a thorough conversion plan with automated tools to make it much simpler than you think. The actual install and movement of assets is the easy part. Working over the possibilities for improvement takes more time but can be more rewarding.

But It’s So Complex

Yes, your current implementation is probably complex, but this is not a reason to stay with it—it is more of a reason to change. This complexity is holding you back. What you want is to accomplish what is needed, but in a simpler way. Don’t move over the complexity, move over the applications.

A Chance for a Do-Over That Will Leave You Better Off

Without realizing it, you have bent your processes to fit your current SCM. Things that you assume just have to be, really don’t. This is your chance to consider how things should be, and in many ways, they will be simpler than what you have today.

New Opportunities

A dramatic shift in the last few years has been the growth of DevOps and with it, Agile development. You may have thought, with good reason, that your current SCM tool precluded you from joining with the rest of the organization’s DevOps practices. You just couldn’t fit into the DevOps toolchain. This is your opportunity to move to an SCM designed for Agile which provides for multiple developers working on the same code. This is your opportunity to adopt DevOps practices using Rest APIs and unify your mainframe and distributed deploy.

Modernize With Confidence

So, how can you modernize with confidence? For the conversion you will need a team that has done this before, has a methodology, and most important automated tools. They will quickly understand your current implementation and make expert recommendations on where and how to simplify things. The goal isn’t to move your current complexity over, it is to end up in a better place.

BMC Compuware has just such a team, focused on quick and efficient SCM migrations with minimal risk. As François Dansereau, Director of Consulting Services for ISPW Migrations, states, “Mainframe SCM migrations are no easy task, presenting challenges in planning and implementation. With hundreds of migrations to our record, we have developed the methodology, toolsets, and programming techniques that facilitate migration by shortening the time and lessening the associated risks.”

So, what is stopping you? Now is the time to take the step and investigate making a change for a better future.

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Mark Schettenhelm

Senior Product Manager for BMC Compuware ISPW, Mark has more than 35 years of experience in the IT industry. In his 30+ years with Compuware, Mark has been instrumental in helping to bring mainframe solutions to the forefront of the industry.