New BMC HelixGPT Innovations Spanning Service and Operations Management

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Margaret Lee

Today is BMC Connect Chicago, a time where our customers and partners come together to learn how to unleash the transformative potential of BMC Helix artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) and predictive analytics solutions across service and operations management (ITSM/ITOM). BMC HelixGPT, our generative AI technology, delivers concrete capabilities that demonstrably improve user experiences and productivity across ITSM/ITOM workflows.

Today, I am proud to announce our latest innovations in generative AI applications with new “BMC HelixGPT-Powered” use cases.

  • Available Now: BMC HelixGPT-Powered Situation Summaries in operations management with AIOps, generate plain-language summaries and recommended next actions, making it faster for IT operators to understand and resolve issues rather than spend additional time decoding a string of output error codes.
  • Available November 2023: BMC HelixGPT-Powered Resolution Insights in enterprise service management (ESM) and ITSM, where case and incident clustering is integrated with similar past resolutions of equivalent tickets to determine the recommended next actions for simplified, accurate case resolution.
  • Available for early customer access: BMC HelixGPT-Powered Conversational Engagement and Search empowers end users to communicate more naturally with today’s virtual agents and chatbots. In this use case, BMC HelixGPT understands the query being posed more accurately and then places that query within a more extensive understanding and context to deliver more accurate responses in human-style language.

If you are unfamiliar with BMC HelixGPT, it integrates large language models (LLMs), harmonizing traditionally siloed data sources to deliver actionable insights for operational anomalies and autonomous resolution for mundane issues. BMC HelixGPT offers near real-time processing of operational data from all observable layers to provide an unadulterated view of reality for ITSM/ITOM teams. BMC HelixGPT is embedded across the entire BMC Helix service and operations management platform.

What does BMC HelixGPT deliver for our customers? BMC HelixGPT goes beyond traditional AI to provide clear, actionable insights and recommendations to resolve problems. Additionally, it becomes an “expert in your systems,” learning how to optimize processes and prevent points of failure.

Each use case will enable our customers to streamline business processes, solve problems faster, reduce the likelihood of human error, automate root cause analysis, and resolve incidents in real time. Perhaps the best part? Your enterprise can use these new BMC HelixGPT capabilities as part of the BMC Helix Fall 2023 releases without additional charges.

Learn more about the efficiencies and problem-solving capabilities of BMC HelixGPT here.

Generative AI: The Next Wave of ServiceOps Intelligence

Learn how HelixGPT brings generative AI to life throughout the BMC Helix platform

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Margaret Lee

Margaret Lee is senior vice president and general manager of Digital Service and Operations Management for BMC Software, Inc. She has P&L responsibility for the company’s full suite of BMC Helix solutions for IT service management and IT operations management. Before joining BMC, Margaret was the general manager for data services at Mapbox, a SaaS platform for mapping, location data, and navigation, supporting a variety of consumer and enterprise applications.