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BMC MainView Transforms to BMC AMI Ops

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Alan Warhurst

Well it is finally here! The thing we have been working on all year, and by that I don’t just mean the end to 2020. I’m talking about the transformation of BMC MainView to BMC AMI Ops!

It’s funny to think back to the days when I started in the mainframe business straight from university. The first big job I was given as a newly qualified Sysprog was to do a migration from Omegamon to MainView. Little did I think at the time I would now be here, 20 years later, seeing the next evolution of mainframe management, being involved in it’s development and being so proud of what we have achieved. I have seen many new and innovative capabilities join the mainframe operations family over the years, from network monitoring, through enhanced Java capabilities monitoring and into the first phases of intelligence with features like automatic loop detection. But none of those changes are as transformative as the one we are delivering today.

As MainView joins the BMC AMI (Automated Mainframe Intelligence) family, BMC AMI Ops’ new capabilities really do deliver on requests for enhancements from our customers. From how to manage the changing of the guard, to allowing them to cope with the constantly changing user demands and giving them the observability and actionability they need to become digital enterprises. The fact that this portfolio transformation has come in addition to many individual product enhancements providing additional value for our customers, just takes my breath away.

As transformative as this new release is, it truly is just the tip of the iceberg in how BMC plans to leverage AI and machine learning to further enterprises on their digital journey and in creating a self-managing, self-optimizing and self-healing mainframe.

Making Machine Learning Work for Your Mainframe

Machine learning is transforming mainframe operations. By getting actionable insights to solve emerging problems before they impact service, even less-experienced team members can keep the complex mainframe environment running at its best.

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About the author

Alan Warhurst

Alan Warhurst has been in the IT industry for 20 years and at BMC since 2014. He is currently a Senior Manager Product Management in the ZSO organization responsible for the Storage Management products as well as future strategy and direction. He also has special responsibility for the Mainframe Executive Council and BMC's Annual Mainframe Survey.

Alan previously spent many years working in the logistics industry in a variety of roles, including System’s Programmer, Data Center Manager, Head of Application Platform Support and Infrastructure Architect.